Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Gah, Finals

I hate finals. They create the worst week of the year as we students have to balance however many tests and papers, all to be completed within the short span of five days.

So I have this professor...we'll call her K. Carter. Actually, lets go with Karen C. She was a professor of mine last semester, and I enjoyed her class enough...I mean, she's not the smartest professor ever, but she's entertaining enough. On maybe the second or third class day last semester, I asked her if I could call her Karen (I refuse to call any professor any formal name-I usually give them some kind of nickname-Doc, Dawg, C-Dawg, or call them by their first name-like Bill). Karen is a younger professor, and I don't think she liked this at all. She quickly replied "No, I don't think so" and walked away. Dang. Well, I continued to call her Karen in my daily conversations, thinking one day I'd end up accidentally calling her Karen in the middle of class. Luckily, this never happened.

Turns out I had to take another class from her this semester. The Reformation in Europe. Exciting. Today was our last class and she said that we were her most favorite class ever (she said that last time too). After class I was shaking my TA's hand, expressing my sadness in the end of this class (it was fake), and I tried it again..."Dr. Carter-can I call you Karen?" Now, this semester has been a little rough compared to last semester...she's openly expressed her disappointment in my frequent conversations with other students, and has written on my papers that she wishes I would at least pretend to pay attention (which I totally do and can be proved by my grade)...but her response was surprising. "Sure Cindy, just not in class". I finally got to her. Lets just say my finals are already done...

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Now onto my life...

So I wrote that blog. And now i will write this blog.

the last little bit of life has been pretty wicked.

i turned 22. i fell in love with our waiter Charlie at Chili's. He had an amazing beard.
and my friends rock my world. to the max.

perhaps the funniest night of my life...all starting with buttcake. everyone should have
friends as funny as these two.

the Cougs beat those lame-o's from up north.

and Christmas is only 28 days away. Sha-bam!

oh and i'm not going to naples. and i'm still in love with Fui.

So I'm not a true blogger

ok ok, i admit it. i haven't gotten fully into the blogger mode. i've told myself time and time again that the world wants to know what i'm doing in my every day. only i don't think that statement is true. however it may be, my honor-code violating friend meg has inspired me to continue onward in faith. her recent post about being a history lover/nerd and the mention of her days of dressing up as historical figures for class presentations reminded me of similar past experiences.

i have always loved dressing up for class presentations. i never wanted to dress up as the cute girls-weird, i know-but i always made sure i dressed up as some kind of impressive man, usually with a mustache(i factored in the comic relief of me wearing a mustache to help with my grade). there was even one year my friend had a Peter Pan birthday party and i was the only girl who dressed up like peter pan...everyone else was a princess or something. who knows.

anyways, in the third grade, i had a life-shattering dress up experience that changed my world. see, in second grade i did a report on George Armstrong Custer, of Custers Last Stand. i had a sweet costume and did great. i was so good at memorizing i memorized my entire presentation. so third grade comes along and i figured i could do it all again...wrong.

i decided to be Bret Harte-the man who inspired my dads high school and a lesser known author and poet (i actually forgot who he was and just wikipedia-ed him...woops). i had everything ready. i had practiced and had my presentation memorized to the T. and my costume was amazing. i get up in front of the class and start my wonderful speech. until the worst happened...

my felt mustache had fallen off.

the class laughed at me.

i lost focus.

and forgot my speech.

i was so embarrassed. i sat down and realized i was a failure.

but that wasn't the worst of it. my teacher had recorded all the presentations, and when we were watching them afterwards, i tried to get ready for an embarrassment repeat. the kid before me was on the screen. i waited...and then i was up. i started so well, but then everything went wrong. and then the class laughed again. and again. and again. in my mind i remember my teacher rewinding and replaying my mistake. i ran into the hallway and began to cry. my mom was there (i can't remember if she had participated in the laughing herself) but she ran out to soothe my pains.

it was a horrible day.

but it didn't stop me from dressing up. i have continued onward up until this day. last year i even dressed up like thomas acquinas in my religion class in Paris. Needless to say, my native French professor was a little worried about me.

anyways, tomorrow i have to give a presentation in one of my classes. French medieval poetry. I think i'm going to perform a Troubadour-style song. and of course, i will dress up.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Go Cougs

Ok ok, so I started this blog quite awhile ago, and I realize that it is insufficient in its updates. Alas, here I am to start again and hope for a better future. And I think it'll be a lot easier since now I have homework to procrastinate. No joke there folks.

As I am completing my final year at the BYU, which is strange, scary, and exciting all in one, there is one thing that holds me together like that of glue. This being the Cougs. The BYU football team is an inspiration to all that watch, and I have found my love affair in life. There is a distinct sadness that envelopes my soul as I realize this is my last year to attend so many games, and dedicate myself 100% to the team. Elder Bronco Mendenhall has been an inspiration to me, through his example and hardwork, and because of him I have become fully invested. School takes up my week and I spend my nightly hours amidst the bookshelves in the Harold B. Lee library, but the weekends are spent watching football. Saturday is a special day, and I admit my sick addiction. My new job is having a work party this Saturday night, and when inquired if I would attend, I responded negatively. I realize working with a bunch of music majors they have a different idea of what 'fun' is. I mean, the party starts at 6pm and the game at 7pm. When suggestions were offered for activities, none mentioned that of the game. Instead, one girl mentioned how she has a russian opera that is really good. I love the opera, don't get me wrong, but not when there's something more invigorating to watch, aka football. The Cougs especially. This past weekend I made a roadtrip out to the BYU/UCLA game, which resulted in a disappointing loss, but I still feel as though it was time well spent. The Cougs know I'm there for them, I got to shake Bronco's hand (it is still unwashed), I rubbed Bryan Kehls bald and magnificient head, good gamed (yes, that is a tap on the butt) several players, and I wiped sweat off the head of Fui Vakapuna. It was a succesful trip and I'm feeling confident that the team will destroy the rest of the teams we play.

On another note, and a very wonderful one at that, I have potentially exciting news. I say potentially because who knows what will actually happen, but it was only mentioned briefly today. My boss comes up to me at work (I got a job at the BYU library working in music special collections doing most specifically on inputting books into a database) and while we are talking about my job (which I've only had for a week) he asks me if I'm an undergrad. I reply that I am and he continues by saying "There's a conference over in Naples (yes, that is Naples, Italy) next summer and we'll need someone to go over and present information about this database we're working on. Is that something you'd be interested in?". My insides were screaming "Are you flippin' joking me sir? Who wouldn't you freak?!" but instead I played it cool and said "Yes, yes I would love that opportunity". So we'll see, but next summer I could be in Naples. Love it.

And that is all. For now...

Sunday, March 18, 2007

to my fam damily

this was most def inspired by Kristalyn and David. and because they're so dang influential, and because i've been thinking about it for awhile, i figure why not start a blog for the Ford clan where we can update each other on life and post pictures of how cool we are-i mean, we all have digital cameras now! so now aaron can put up a pic of his most recent 'hottie with a naughty body' or brian can share his angst of lack of options in the singles ward. and i can just watch all of this from afar. mostly i want pictures of kris at work. ha. so i'll let ya'll know how to add a post on here and pictures, if you aren't able to figure it out yourself, and we'll get this show on the road. agreed?