Thursday, September 13, 2007

Go Cougs

Ok ok, so I started this blog quite awhile ago, and I realize that it is insufficient in its updates. Alas, here I am to start again and hope for a better future. And I think it'll be a lot easier since now I have homework to procrastinate. No joke there folks.

As I am completing my final year at the BYU, which is strange, scary, and exciting all in one, there is one thing that holds me together like that of glue. This being the Cougs. The BYU football team is an inspiration to all that watch, and I have found my love affair in life. There is a distinct sadness that envelopes my soul as I realize this is my last year to attend so many games, and dedicate myself 100% to the team. Elder Bronco Mendenhall has been an inspiration to me, through his example and hardwork, and because of him I have become fully invested. School takes up my week and I spend my nightly hours amidst the bookshelves in the Harold B. Lee library, but the weekends are spent watching football. Saturday is a special day, and I admit my sick addiction. My new job is having a work party this Saturday night, and when inquired if I would attend, I responded negatively. I realize working with a bunch of music majors they have a different idea of what 'fun' is. I mean, the party starts at 6pm and the game at 7pm. When suggestions were offered for activities, none mentioned that of the game. Instead, one girl mentioned how she has a russian opera that is really good. I love the opera, don't get me wrong, but not when there's something more invigorating to watch, aka football. The Cougs especially. This past weekend I made a roadtrip out to the BYU/UCLA game, which resulted in a disappointing loss, but I still feel as though it was time well spent. The Cougs know I'm there for them, I got to shake Bronco's hand (it is still unwashed), I rubbed Bryan Kehls bald and magnificient head, good gamed (yes, that is a tap on the butt) several players, and I wiped sweat off the head of Fui Vakapuna. It was a succesful trip and I'm feeling confident that the team will destroy the rest of the teams we play.

On another note, and a very wonderful one at that, I have potentially exciting news. I say potentially because who knows what will actually happen, but it was only mentioned briefly today. My boss comes up to me at work (I got a job at the BYU library working in music special collections doing most specifically on inputting books into a database) and while we are talking about my job (which I've only had for a week) he asks me if I'm an undergrad. I reply that I am and he continues by saying "There's a conference over in Naples (yes, that is Naples, Italy) next summer and we'll need someone to go over and present information about this database we're working on. Is that something you'd be interested in?". My insides were screaming "Are you flippin' joking me sir? Who wouldn't you freak?!" but instead I played it cool and said "Yes, yes I would love that opportunity". So we'll see, but next summer I could be in Naples. Love it.

And that is all. For now...