Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Now onto my life...

So I wrote that blog. And now i will write this blog.

the last little bit of life has been pretty wicked.

i turned 22. i fell in love with our waiter Charlie at Chili's. He had an amazing beard.
and my friends rock my world. to the max.

perhaps the funniest night of my life...all starting with buttcake. everyone should have
friends as funny as these two.

the Cougs beat those lame-o's from up north.

and Christmas is only 28 days away. Sha-bam!

oh and i'm not going to naples. and i'm still in love with Fui.

So I'm not a true blogger

ok ok, i admit it. i haven't gotten fully into the blogger mode. i've told myself time and time again that the world wants to know what i'm doing in my every day. only i don't think that statement is true. however it may be, my honor-code violating friend meg has inspired me to continue onward in faith. her recent post about being a history lover/nerd and the mention of her days of dressing up as historical figures for class presentations reminded me of similar past experiences.

i have always loved dressing up for class presentations. i never wanted to dress up as the cute girls-weird, i know-but i always made sure i dressed up as some kind of impressive man, usually with a mustache(i factored in the comic relief of me wearing a mustache to help with my grade). there was even one year my friend had a Peter Pan birthday party and i was the only girl who dressed up like peter pan...everyone else was a princess or something. who knows.

anyways, in the third grade, i had a life-shattering dress up experience that changed my world. see, in second grade i did a report on George Armstrong Custer, of Custers Last Stand. i had a sweet costume and did great. i was so good at memorizing i memorized my entire presentation. so third grade comes along and i figured i could do it all again...wrong.

i decided to be Bret Harte-the man who inspired my dads high school and a lesser known author and poet (i actually forgot who he was and just wikipedia-ed him...woops). i had everything ready. i had practiced and had my presentation memorized to the T. and my costume was amazing. i get up in front of the class and start my wonderful speech. until the worst happened...

my felt mustache had fallen off.

the class laughed at me.

i lost focus.

and forgot my speech.

i was so embarrassed. i sat down and realized i was a failure.

but that wasn't the worst of it. my teacher had recorded all the presentations, and when we were watching them afterwards, i tried to get ready for an embarrassment repeat. the kid before me was on the screen. i waited...and then i was up. i started so well, but then everything went wrong. and then the class laughed again. and again. and again. in my mind i remember my teacher rewinding and replaying my mistake. i ran into the hallway and began to cry. my mom was there (i can't remember if she had participated in the laughing herself) but she ran out to soothe my pains.

it was a horrible day.

but it didn't stop me from dressing up. i have continued onward up until this day. last year i even dressed up like thomas acquinas in my religion class in Paris. Needless to say, my native French professor was a little worried about me.

anyways, tomorrow i have to give a presentation in one of my classes. French medieval poetry. I think i'm going to perform a Troubadour-style song. and of course, i will dress up.