Wednesday, December 31, 2008

What's a girl to do...

...when she finds out her 'permanent' job at Target is really seasonal?

She quits.

I went into work last week and was surprised to find out that it would be my last week there. This was news to me, as I thought I was assured a solid position that wasn't supposed to end come Christmas. So I told them that I would not be working my last couple shifts. Who wants to work retail on Christmas Eve anyways?

Now, not to say I am devastated that I don't work there. I'm mostly angry that they never told me. And that now I'm back to not having any kind of job.

Oh how I'm becoming familiar with this square one phase of life. Any support/suggestions/job leads can be left in the comments section.

(PS I still love my life. HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!!!)

Woman, 88, yanks nude intruder's testicles

Ok. Despite the seriousness of the matter, I had to giggle a little bit when they show the name of the intruder (Michael Dick) for this news story.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Au Revoir

So I hope the Christmas day brought you good tidings of comfort and joy.

Now I'm off to CA to celebrate some wedded unions!!!

Have a great weekend, and just for kicks:

Two of my idols. In one picture. Love it.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008



Merry Christmas!!!

Share the love.

this is our family's (ghetto) Christmas tree. it has grown on me...

Monday, December 22, 2008


Why is it that as I bounce from store to store during this holiday season, I only find myself wanting to buy other people's crap from the thrift store?
Seriously. Today I could've spent at least 50 bucks on other people's junk.
I didn't, because sometimes I have self control.
Or no money.

Either way, I call it a success.

Thomas Aquinas

Once upon a time I went to Paris for a semester. It was the best four months ever. Our classes were ridiculously easy and I spent my time wandering the streets of Paris, eating fromage, and pretending I was the French Medieval theologian/philosopher Thomas Aquinas.

One of our classes was taught by a French man named Frere Euvrard. He was It was a religion class of some sort-I forget the actual name of it-but it was enjoyable. We were all assigned an important person to research and present to the class and when I was given ol' Tommy I was excited.

The first thing to pop in my mind was, of course, dressing up like Tommy. It stems back from a long history of dressing up like historical figures, and I couldn't let the class down. It was hard to assemble the costume, as dressing up like an old bald man usually is, but it was even more difficult this time as I had very limited resources.

As you can tell, my effort was worth it and I was almost the mirror image of Thomas.

PS If you're looking for a good read, pick up the Summa Theologiae. It's only 3020 pages of Christian theology/philosophy.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Vanna's Choice

As you are all well aware, I'm pretty crafty.
(that is a joke)

Today I stopped by the local craft store to get some yarn for a knitting project. If you could only imagine my surprise/intrigue/wonder at the beauty of Vanna's Choice:

I had no idea Vanna White (letter turner extraordinaire on Wheel of Fortune, in case you didn't know...) had her own line of yarn?! Did you?
She is so talented. Pat Sajak is lucky to have her as his cohost.

And by cohost, I mean unecessary lady person.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


This morning I woke up to my brother calling me, asking me to drive him to pick up his car from the shop. Lovely, as always. So I rolled out of bed (literally) and picked him up and we made our way to the shop.

First off, I know its weird, but I love car shops. I used to work at a car dealership and my office was right next to the service station. So fun-minus creepy stories involving some of the guys who worked in the shop (lets just say a married man would frequent my office even after I turned down his offers for drinks-but thats a story for another day).

Anyways, point of this blog: donuts.

Since I was awake fairly early I thought I'd treat myself to some donuts. Yum.

These donuts were ok, but they made me remember a different time-a better time-when donuts were the center of my world.

Last summer I was lucky enough to meet up with some friends in the L.A. area and they introduced me to the most beautiful donuts of all: Asian Donuts.

It was getting late and we were driving through L.A. and I noticed a surplus of donut shops. Turns out most of these shops are owned by Asian people, and since we were hungry and the shops were open, we decided to venture in.

I will never love donuts quite like I loved that first batch of Asian Donuts. They were delicious. They were plentiful. And they were cheap.

(And you might just find a random man talking about Jesus and the pyramids at the table next to you)

If you're ever in L.A., make sure to get the Asian Donuts in the pink boxes. You will die.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Pic of the Day

If my family ever makes an album, this would be the cover.
Until then, we Rock Band.

Toothpaste Power

I have a problem (or maybe more than just one).
Right when my toothbrush hits my teeth, I always get the urge to multi-task. I could be doing nothing for an hour, and then I'd start brushing my teeth, and then I decide I need to clean my bathroom.
So then I walk around, toothbrush in one hand, and doing laundry with the other. Or if I'm running late (because I was too busy doing nothing) I'll be brushing my teeth while putting on my shoes. Or brushing my hair (this is difficult). Or getting dressed.
This also means I end up brushing for a lot longer then two minutes.
I've tried focusing on just brushing, but I can't do it.
Crest is the best.

Best Combo Ever

Ok so I'm watching Law and Order right now. Big surprise.
But guess who is on this certain episode:

Dwight (you know, from the Office)
It is awesome.

Saturday, December 13, 2008


On my iGoogle homepage I have the National Geographic "Picture of the Day".

Most of the time it is a gorgeous shot of somewhere exotic. Or an old woman in a field.

Today I woke up to this:

And sadly, it was almost as though I was looking at a picture of myself.

Its ok. You can agree.

(ps the dark hair is gone Monday)

Friday, December 12, 2008

This is amazing. I just found it on the highly entertaining blog Smatchoo. Check them both out. Now.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Flaming Cheetos

Today the missionaries from my church came over for some lunch. While that doesn't really matter, it did force me to actually take a shower and fly by the grocery store to pick up something to actually feed them.
While I was slowly making my way through the aisles at the store, I decided what we really needed to eat were some chips. But not just any chips: Flaming Hot Cheetos. There's really nothing like them.
But naturally, when I decided to buy them, all I could think about was my good friend Dare-bear. He is an impressive man, and it seemed to everyone that for a period of time he survived solely on these cheetos, donuts, and Gatorade.

It was gross, but he did it.

So today is my shout out to you, Darren. Thanks for the memories. Cheetos will forever remind me of you.

Lady Robot

OK OK You need to watch this.

The girl robot can read, can identify objects placed in front of her, and she can tell a man to 'stop touching her' if he is trying to take advantage of her.

Maybe a little rad, maybe a little creepy.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sleighbells Ring...

So a deer jumps through a classroom window...and then jumps back out.

Seems to me that one of those fourth graders is on Santa's naughty list.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Biggest Thanks

Dear Dick Wolf,

The moments I spend with you and your people are cherished in my life. Thank you for making it possible for me to watch 5 hours of Law and Order in a row without so much of a thought of changing the channel.

Dick, I just searched your name. I'll be honest. I had no idea you looked like this:

Good thing our love is deep.



I love Vegas.

A lot.

But let's just say I'm not too stoked on Vegas (and the Pioneer Bowl) for the fourth year in a row.

Oh my Cougs...


Meet Illeana Ros-Lehtinen

From reading her bio from the most reliable source on the internets (Wikipedia), I have come to learn that Illeana is a Republican U.S. Representative from Florida.

But, let's be honest, the reason I am writing this is because of her recent interaction with President-elect Barack Obama. Ros-Lehtinen was just re-elected and Obama called her up to congratulate her on this momentous occasion.

She hung up on him.


I can get how she would've thought it might have been a prank (like unto the Palin-Sarkozy phone joke) but really?

Then future chief of staff-er Rahm Emanuel calls to verify that it was, in fact, Obama, but she hangs up on him too!

Awesome, Illeana, just awesome.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Il y a longtemps que je t'aime

Go see this movie.

It was beautiful in so many ways.
I loved it.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

I'm Grateful

I know I didn't post one of the 'I'm grateful for' lists on Thanksgiving, but there is one thing I need to express thanks for: I am grateful that nobody in my close circle has an annoying voice.

Today at work a lady was talking on her phone as she passed me. Her voice was bad. Obnoxious. You know those voices that make you cringe and hurt your ears and almost make you want to tear out your soul? This was that kind of voice.

It got me thinking about how lucky I am that no one I'm tight with has such a voice. I know its wrong, but I can't help myself. I admit it: I could not be friends with the nicest person in the world if their voice was hard on the ears.

So even though Thanksgiving is over, my gratitude runneth over for you and your soothing voices.

PS Janna I love your little kid voice.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Love me some Cupcakes

There is nothing like a freshly baked cupcake, am I right?

I haven't been adventurous enough to try making anything other than out of the box cupcakes, but my friend Becky is a cupcake QUEEN.

Check out her sweet domestic skills here.

And her new Utah Loves Cupcakes blog-dedicated to Utah and cupcakes!!

(I know it's not a cupcake, but this is a cake she made for a tailgate and I love it...She's so domestic)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Let's Talk Michael

Michael Jackson, to be exact.

One of my friends, the nicest/funniest girl in the world, is obsessed with MJ. Not just the normal "I love his songs and dance moves from the 80's" obsessed but more of an "I can tell you what his pet monkey's name is and more!" kind of obsessed. She also informed me that her whole family is like this and they discuss him frequently. I think this is weird. But maybe a little awesome?

Anyways, last night we were conversing about MJ, you know, like normal. She got me sucked into an interview done with MJ about five years ago by some guy from Britain. On youtube it is split into 8 parts (I think). After she sent me a couple of these clips, I ended up watching the entire interview. It's one of those things that you might not even want to watch, but you do because its soooo wack attack.

Now, don't get me wrong. MJ is (was?) a great performer. He has some classics that no one (ok I'm sure some people-like maybe Blake) can deny. My personal fave is Black or White (posted below for your viewing pleasure) and I know Ben's favorite is probably whatever he performed to become his high school's Mr. Russet.

But when you tear down all his musical ability, you get this:

I don't even know the correct way to describe him. But here he is.

From his interview (and my friend) I learned some very important things:
1. One of his children is nicknamed Blanket, because he is so warm
2. He hasn't had any plastic surgery...
3. His childhood pet monkey, Bubbles, had to go live with other chimps and MJ still occasionally visits
4. MJ cures cancer

YouTube won't let me post it here, so click on this for Black or White (featuring the one and only Macaulay Culkin).

God Be With You

Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin

June 11, 1917-December 1, 2008

It is my solemn testimony that death is not the end of existence. “If in this life only we have hope in Christ, we are of all men most miserable.” Because of the risen Christ, “death is swallowed up in victory.”

"Life sometimes is a bucket of worms... just don't know what to do with them"
-Spencer and Stephanie Pratt's Nana
The Hills this week had the pleasure of an appearance by the Pratt Gma and boy, was it fantastic. And when I say fantastic I mean ridiculous and not really that exciting.
Audrina and Lauren 'made-up' from their fight and Audrina cried. Even when she hadn't planned to. I hate it when I don't plan on crying and then I do.
It was just packed full of raw emotion.
Spencer also referred to Stephanie's apartment as "janky".

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Just a little blurb on Twilight

So I was going to write a normal, intricate, superb review of the movie Twilight, based on the book of the same name by Stephanie Meyer. But I'm lazy, and I don't feel like it. So here is a short summary.
I didn't think it was bad, but I didn't think it was that good. I tried going into it without comparing it to the book, but parts in the book did sneak into my mind while I watched. I felt like there were cimenatography flops and I laughed outloud when Edward raced up the mountain with Bella on his back and sparkled in the sun. I also felt like there was no build up between Edward and Bella (basically the majority of the book). They didn't like each other, and then they wanted to take off each others pants. It was so sudden. I mean, it's cool and everything if thats how you roll, but really. And Jasper. Who was that guy?! He was the biggest doof vampire I've ever seen.
Anyways, I was just reading on (By Karen Valby, Christine Spines) about the movie, and I HAD to share the following:
At a midnight screening in Texarkana, Texas, last Thursday, a gentleman dropped to his knee with a ring as the credits rolled. To the delight of the screaming crowd, he asked his girlfriend if theirs might be as enduring and unconditional a love as the one shared by Edward and Bella.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


This is what I miss when I don't check the internets for a few days:


I wasn't expecting this big of a surprise to be waiting for me.

Next thing you know Justin Bobby and Lauren really are going to hook up.

Also, can I mention to MTV that you know the show is going downhill when the most exciting aspect of next weeks episode is Spencer and Stephanie's grandma.


Yup. I haven't posted in a few days and I'm sorry.
This weekend was the best of times, it was the worst of times.
I went to Idaho to see an old friend who just got back from her mission for our church. It was a party all weekend.
I also saw the most excellent people ever in the Provo.
But sadly, there was one event that lingered over my entire weekend, and it is leaking into my entire life.
Utah 48 BYU 24.
I guess that means winter really is here, and I'm not excited about it.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sneak Peak

Guess what I got to see last night (before you)...

Let's just say I have connections.

I'm going to give my reaction later; this is just my 'rub it in your face' post.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Meet Howeezi

(He is the one with the arrow pointing at him, fyi)

Most people know that I have this weird love obsession with Tongans. Well, Howeezi is the one who started it all. We met quite a few years back, but have luckily kept in contact and he just makes me laugh. This pic is from 2005 when he came to visit me in Provo with his brothers and cousin. They were from Oakland, 'nuff said.

Oh man, I have so many stories about him. Like how after they visited me in Provo they drove to Denver and stayed with my family and ended up getting arrested for driving the wrong way down a one way street and my dad had to pick them up from the police station in the middle of the night after the cops finally figured out they didn't steal the car they were driving. It was wild.

But mostly I am writing this tribute to Howeezi because each morning, around 6 am, he sends me a text message with a 'thought of the day'. I wanted to share some with you.

(I will not edit the text messages in any way, shape, or form. This is how he really writes):

"Hepi 2uesday heas my thot 4 da day "WELL DONE IS BETTER THAN WELL SAID" jah blez"

Insert: it took me like two weeks to figure out that jah blez really means God Bless



Ok I think that gives you all a sense of what I wake up to each morning. Usually I would be annoyed of this daily occurance, but mostly it just makes me laugh every day. My favorite part is that he figures out how to spell (for the most part) when he gives his thought, but before its like deciphering a secret language.

In conclusion, Howeezi has changed my life in many ways. And I love Tongans.

What's Next...

November 22

Saturday is a big day. Not just in college football, but in life.

In my mind, it is similar to Groundhog Day. Each year, if BYU wins, I know that I will have a kick-a next six weeks. But if BYU loses, winter really sets in and I get depressed. That's just how it is.

(It might not be the most perfect analogy...just don't think too hard about it.)

The point is, I hate the Utes. I hate everything about them. I have a personal policy that I will not wear red during the month of November each year because I hate it so much. It reminds me of sin/the Utes. To read more on why hate is necessary, go here.

On the other hand, I love the Cougs. I love them more than High School Musical 3 and Enrique combined. They bring joy, peace, happiness, and love into the world. They give me hope of a brighter future. My mood is directly correlated to how well the Cougars are playing. Read more about love here.

Saturday is vital to a continued state of glee in my life.

Monday, November 17, 2008



This features a good friend. I don't really know how I found it, but I did. Thanks Jeff.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


I'm playing with my look. I'm going for a little mo' better.
You know, more like a Casino Royale type of blog layout rather than a Quantum of Solace.
PS So I enjoyed the movie. It was James Bond, and not just any James Bond, but a beautiful Daniel Craig 007.
BUT I think it could've used some more umph. I'm just saying.

Friday, November 14, 2008

The Hills Recap

I admit that I continue to watch The Hills on a weekly basis despite its downward spiral of scripting and acting. It just keeps getting worse and worse (better and better?).
Anyways, so I woke up this morning to a marathon of text messages from my friend (aka the nicest and funniest girl ever) who finally watched the most recent episode. It is a play by play of her reactions to the show while she watched it. And it made my life. And I'm going to post them here (nicest and funniest girl ever-if you want me to remove this I will):

"Did you see mondays episode of The Hills? Oh my gosh...Spencer interferring in peoples lives as always...
"Oh my gosh and like how excited are we for the spin off show The City. I always think Whitney needs more air time...
"Ok Lauren needs to eat a FREAKING hamburger...
"Ok like Lauren is slowly becoming more and more boring. She is not even saying anything in this episode...
"Omg Whitney and Alex are the cutest couple. I hope this goes somewhere...
"Poor Heidi. This relationship is so abusive. She has not been herself ever since she and Spenc started dating. Its so hard to watch...
"Ok Whitney is bothering me in this episode. Why is she ignoring alex at the club? He is confused...
"Ok Spencer? Do NOT approach Brent and ask for him to give Heidi her job back. Oh my gosh..."


Awesome. My thoughts exactly. All of them.

Meet Todd

He is the one I miss when I need someone to cry to or when I want someone to laugh with.

Which is always.
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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

CNN Breaking News

This might be my favorite CNN blurb ever:
Palin says she'd be honored to help Obama
Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin told CNN today that she would be honored to help President-elect Barack Obama in his new administration if asked, even if he did once hang around with an "unrepentant domestic terrorist."
Ohhh CNN. You are too funny.


Oprah has been busy.

First she was in last weeks 30 Rock (SOOO FUNNY).

And then last night Oprah was the special guest in my dream.


Check it:

I was chillin in my room, watching some Arrested Development, when all of a sudden the most random people (ex-flings, old friends, etc) from my life started filing down the stairs. When I asked what they were here for they replied it was for my birthday party.

OH SNAP. I was already stoked (except I couldn't figure out who invited these people) but I let it slide.

All of a sudden this party transforms into a HUGE celebrity gathering. I am seated near the door where everyone who's anyone comes in for my party. Behind me, Oprah is in charge of the party, telling me who each person is in case I don't know. They just kept coming, and I loved it. Elton John showed up, BSB, Mariah Carey, and more!! And they brought me presents like nobody could believe. They filed through and gave me their present, and by the end the walls were covered in purses, perfumes, clothes, hats (it all looked very much like a high class department store) and I relished in the lavish gifts.
The best part was when this very hot celebrity that I couldn't recognize walked through and told me he forgot a gift. So he offered himself as a present and we may or may not have shared a passionate kiss.

It was the best dream birthday party I could've imagined. All thanks to you Oprah. And hot celebrity guy.


I've been neglectful of this blog the past few days. I could explain it's because I've been busy folding, hanging, and color coordinating clothing at a certain retail store, but I won't. Granted, that is part of it, but I guess I had more than that going on to prevent me from posting.

So sad.

But not really sad. Because I've also been having some good times as well. I saw The Secret Life of Bees (which I plan on posting a review of in the very near future for a Lit Flicks entry), I got to spend some time with the cutest nephews ever, I've been reading more (Tell No One and The Would-Be Commoner are what I'm currently into), I busted out some tunes on the piano (I'm still working on my girl-power trio), and I am mostly excited about my next trip out to visit awesome people, the holidays, weddings, and whatever else life has in store for me.

Some other past adventures I have experienced lately but not blogged about:

I went and saw the Colorado Ballet perform Swan Lake with my mom. It was beautiful. I love men in tights.

My friend Jordan and I hit up a concert for the group Ludo. It was awesome for many reasons: the band is great live. the average age of concert goers was 15. they are classified as "rock opera". one creepy girl stared at Jordan for basically the entire time and that made me laugh.

Goodbye bowling night with awesome people.

Halloween (one of my favorite holidays). I dressed up as a deviled egg. I was lame and forgot to take a pic of the entire ensemble (including yellow tights and the most awesome red shoe/boots ever to be made) so this is the best shot I got:

Colorado in the fall. Love it.


Saturday, November 8, 2008

I Rave

Things I am currently RAVING about:

1. Beyonce's new single If I Were A Boy. I can't get enough!

2. Flossers. They make flossing so much fun!!!!

3. College Ball. My Cougs. I will rave about them forever.

4. Arrested Development. There's always money in the banana stand.

5. Candy Corn left over from Halloween.

6. Target. hahahahahaha only kidding.

7. Cheap plane tickets to go see my BFF when she gets back from her mission.

8. Only drinking out of mugs.

Things I don't really like:

1. Waking up to be at work by 5 am. GAHHH.

2. Kittens.

3. Wearing Red and Khaki every day of my life.

4. Watching games on The Mountain (not to be confused with 'The Mountain' T-Bright).

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Yes Please!

Can we PLEASE talk about how I just had a surge of excitement for the new James Bond movie?
It comes out on November 14, which just happens to be the day after probably the best day of the year.
Granted, it is no HSM3, but lusting after Daniel Craig seems more appropriate than lusting after Zac Efron. Mostly because he's not in high school. And I don't feel like a pedophile when I see him without his shirt on.

You know, like this:

And call me crazy, but I might be more excited about James Bond than Twilight.

Let me explain.

I read all the Stephanie Meyer books. I enjoyed them for the most part (the last one didn't do it for me as much as the others). I got caught up in the fantasy world of Bella and the Cullens. I loved Edward and then I loved Jacob (I still pick Jacob). I defended Meyer when I was made fun of for loving her books (mostly by boys). She has a way of making her characters seem real despite their vampire and werewolf genetics. It was the first series of books that I wanted to read since Nancy Drew and The Cat Who series (both of which are EXCELLENT). I fell for the love that sprouted between Bella and Edward. I did.

The movie changes all of this. I am weary that it will take away everything I loved about the books. It doesn't fit the story I saw in my mind as I read. From the trailers, it doesn't come close to how I pictured Bella and Edward and Charlie. Granted, I will still see it and probably love it just because thats what I do. But for now, I pick Daniel Craig (and the cat who can solve mysteries) (I still hate cats, ps).


While part of me is relieved that the election is over, the bigger part of me is sad. I felt like the last few months inspired people all over the country to care about what is going on in our government. People became connected to the way the political system works and they finally demonstrated that they wanted to be a part of the bigger whole. While there were those huge barriers between the two parties, in the end it brought us together as a nation because we all were finally involved. I can only hope that this little feeling of unity continues for a little bit.
Farewell Election '08.


Michael Crichton
October 23, 1942 – November 4, 2008

Thanks for making dinosaurs so cool again.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Meet Barack Obama

Our next President.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What day is it?!

I think you know.
Now GO.
Unless you've already voted (like me!). Then you should go to Starbucks or Ben and Jerrys to get free stuff for voting. Do it.

Alphabet Meme.

I don't really do tags. Not that I get a lot of people begging me to do them. But for some reason I feel inspired to do this Alphabet tag sent my way by Blake. I think because it's more of a challenge. I'm supposed to list a movie I like for every letter of the alphabet. Pretty wild.

A- An American in Paris

B-The Beat My Heart Skipped, Booye kafoor, atre ya

C- Les Choristes

D-Drop Dead Gorgeous

E- Ever After

F- French Kiss

G- Goonies

H- High School Musical: The trilogy

I- Indiana Jones: The Temple of Doom (everyone else seems to think this is the worst of the series. It is my favorite.)

J- J'ai toujours rêvé d'être un gangster

K- Kickin' it Old Skool

L- Little Women

M- Music and Lyrics

N-Ne le dis a personnes

O- Othello

P- The Princess Diaries

Q- The Queen

R- Return of the Jedi

S- Singing in the Rain, The Stupids, Saturdays Warrior (No way I can pick just one)

T- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


V- Velveteen Rabbit

W- The Wizard of Oz

X- Really, X-Men is the only choice

Y- You Got Served

Z- Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century

BAM. done and done.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Gondola Love.

To the man who took me around Venice in his gondola:
I still think about you. Just wanted to say thanks again.

Friday, October 31, 2008


Hope everyone has a SPOOKY day!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Just a little VOTING love

5 More Friends

Thanks Jeanne Moos

This is awesome. Its the most random things about the political scene.
My favorite: Joe Biden vs. the chocolate chip ice cream cone!!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Big Surprise...

Phillies win the World Series!

Wait, who did they play? JK JK. But really, where do the Rays come from?

Is it just me or is the World Series getting more and more disappointing each year (and I'm saying that as a resident of Colorado and therefore a 'fan' of the Rockies. Remember how they made it last year?).

Or maybe its because I find baseball painfully boring.

Anyways, congrats Phillies. And thanks again for letting BSB sing the National Anthem.

Meet Rene Charles

I was watching Oprah yesterday and Celine Dion was on. First off, I love Celine. Not as much as a girl named Suz in Holland who has spent more than 20,000 Euro on Celine stuff, but I still love her. Anyways, Celine talked about her son Rene Charles for awhile (he now 7 years old!) and while I love how much Celine adores her son, there is one problem.
His hair.
Oprah asked about cutting it and Celine said it is a decision Rene Charles will make.
No, Celine. You decide. Cut it. He looks like a girl. I'm sure he'll be made fun of enough for other reasons, don't give the bullies more to work with.
Or maybe not. He is the son of Celine Dion.


Thanks to Deanna for sharing this funny ol' video with me. My favorite is the graffiti.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


To Darren,

It is your birthday. I am there with you in spirit. Just image someone touching you all night (that sounds bad but its not what you think) and you liking it (you always do).

We make a really cute couple. Seriously.
In closing, I'd like to express how I feel about you through a song featured last night on The Hills


November 4, 2008

One week from today.

Election Day.

I seriously can't wait!

Vote early, vote mail-in, just vote.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Ten Reasons

This is my public apology to Blake.
(I might have overreacted to his insult of BYU football. No, wait. Not possible. There is no such thing as overreacting to Cougar insults. But I forgive and forget.)
10 Reasons Why Blake is Awesome.
10. He is an excellent writer and even though I never see the movies he loves, I feel inspired just reading his reviews.
9. He teaches me how to say inappropriate things in Russian. (He loves Russia and Russians)
8. He finally added me to his blogroll.
7. His typing skills are impressive (he even types when he's not at a keyboard-like at the movies he'll type out the credits with his fingers on whatever surface his hand is resting on)
6. He is awkward around lots of people.
5. Two words: Guitar Hero
4. When he finds something awesome, he gets really excited about it and shares it with everyone-like the band Godspeed You! Black Emperor and random Radiohead stuff.
3. One time he lived in Tajikistan.
2. He always wins arguments.
1. Him and Rihanna (you can stand under my umbrella, ella, ella, eh eh eh...) are pen pals.
(*Note to Blake. If you remove me from your blogroll I will post 20 reasons why you suck*)

To the Mountain Gorillas

Who knew Mountain Gorillas were so inspiring?

For its fifth year, Denver was the host city for the annual Gorilla Run (I think around a 5K) on Saturday. Yes, you heard me: Gorilla Run.

Over 700 people registered this year to raise money for the Gorillas; about the same number of people ran on Saturday as there are real Mountain Gorillas surviving in the world. There was a costume contest as well-as if wearing a Gorilla suit wasn't enough. There were Prom Gorillas, Teenage Mutant Ninja Gorillas, playboy Gorillas, and countless other costumes. It was sweet. And at times a little scary to be surrounded by so many Gorillas.

My friend Jordan mentioned going to this event, and how could I possibly say no? He was supposed to go support some of his co-workers, but mostly we just walked around taking pictures of the crazies here in Denver. There was quite a turnout; to my surprise, there were people from a total of 25 states represented in the race! Even our Mayor Hickenlooper showed up (It might be because he owns the Wynkoop Brewery where the event took place. Which made it even funnier because everyone who registered got free beer. Drunk Gorillas=hilarious). It was the biggest turnout ever (there are also Gorilla Runs held in London each year) so I felt even more special being part of such a monumental day.

In conclusion, it was spectacular.

I take it all back.

I retract any previous positive statements about Blake.
He deserves none of them.

Sunday, October 26, 2008



I saw High School Musical 3 on opening day.


Read my review here, at the greatest movie review site ever to be created.

Yeah. pretty awesome.
(And thanks to Blake for actually posting it-you've always been so helpful. Like when my hair caught on fire.)

****UPDATE I don't like Blake. So I'm posting my review below******

Not knowing what would happen in the third installment of Disney’s highly acclaimed (by me) High School Musical series, HSM3: Senior Year proved to be exciting, tender, and just plain awesome. Seriously. Director Kenny Ortega (HSM, HSM2, Hocus Pocus, Newsies) forces every moviegoer to relive some of their high school memories (good and bad) throughout this musical roller coaster. And he does it well. It makes you laugh, it makes you smile, and dare I say it might even make you shed a tear. It made people at the theatre I was in to clap, hoot, holler, and dance.

The story continues with the same main cast as the previous two, with only a few new faces. Troy (Zac Efron) and Gabriella (Vanessa Hudgens) finally realize that life after high school might get a little more complicated as Troy is supposed to go to his fathers alma mater for basketball and Gabriella is committed to Stanford. That means more than 1,000 miles between them. Quite a dilemma. Of course we can’t forget about Sharpay (Ashley Tisdale), who continues on as the antagonist trying to destroy everything between Troy and Gabriella; her role as the villain was noticeably downplayed in this movie because the real trouble is in what the future holds.

I really just want to talk this movie up because I loved it so much. It is fairly predictable, which I was expecting, but there were some cute little surprises that made me giggle like a school girl. The cast performs magically, responding so naturally to their scripted romances and friendships (because they’re real! They are Disney stars. They get along with everyone). Zac Efron seems to throw out more one-liners this time around, making you laugh more than you might like to admit. I also enjoyed the fact that every cast member, during at least one of their solos, throws out their arms in dramatic movements. It really adds something. The dancing is enthralling (choreographed by Ortega as well) and the songs evoke emotions you thought you had lost since high school.

And Zac Efron is in it. Need I say more?

Friday, October 24, 2008

Why it's awesome

The video below should be viewed for several reasons.
1. The kids are rapping about the election.
a. They rap to a song by T.I.
b. T.I. is not exactly the best example for the children.
2. There is only like one white kid in the whole class. He has less rhythm.
3. Even these kids, who can't vote, want YOU to vote.
4. I want to make up a rap about voting now.

Obama on the left, McCain on the right. We can talk politics...


Thursday, October 23, 2008

What I learned today

-The Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears (Womanizer) make waking up early and driving in the freezing cold wayyyy mo' better.
INSERT PS: Props to the BSB for singing the National Anthem last night at game 1 of the World Series!!! Click here to watch their lovely performance (We still miss you Kevin).

-In South Africa they give old woman the title Kookoo. CNN reports that the oldest Kookoo in the world is 134. That is old...really old. Her name is Kookoo Molooko. They give old men the title Maverick.

-Law and Order will always be on three different channels at any given time...making it very easy to watch it for three hours and not even blink.

-A new study reports that the temperature of an environment really does have an impact on personality. If you're warm, or even touching something warm (like a cup of coffee), it can make you feel more warmly towards others. AKA nicer. From this point on I am going to carry potatoes around in my pockets to warm my hands (just like they did in Little Women). That way I'll be nicer and if I get hungry, I'll also have a snack.

-I shouldn't fall asleep with wet hair. It does not look pretty when I wake up. And nothing ever fixes the problem.

(I still hate cats and I know that this is disgusting, but it gets my point across)
That pretty much sums it up.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Prop 8, Meet Prop K

I don't live in California (although I do claim to be Californian) and so I guess it doesn't really matter what I think about any of the propositions.
There has been a recent influx of attention given to Prop 8, which: controversy. Everyone has an opinion. Go vote and make your voice heard. We'll see what happens.
What is crazy is how last night was the first time I had heard of Proposition K (hmm...makes me think of Special K, and then I get hungry). It gives me yet another reason to want to move to San Francisco...?
Prop K, if passed, would prevent local authorities (aka the po-po) "from investigating, arresting or prosecuting anyone for selling sex...The ballot question technically would not legalize prostitution, since state law still prohibits it, but the measure would eliminate the power of local law enforcement officials to go after prostitutes" (AP,
Let's be honest. If this is passed, it equals a ton of prosti's in San Fran. More than they already have. Only they wouldn't be forced to run into alleys when the cops drive by...they could flaunt it whenever they wanted. San Fran would join the two states where some kind of legalized sex-selling is acceptable (which are yes, Nevada, and...Rhode Island?).
Now, I don't think it really has any chance of passing. But should we still worry about it? Yes.
Maybe we could reopen Alcatraz and put all the hookers there? Oh Oh and then make the only way to the island into an obstacles course and turn all of it into a reality tv show. And whoever wins will be Paris Hiltons new BFF. Such a good idea.
Anyways, click on this to read the full article on CNN.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Why I want a mullet. Part 1.

Because they are awesome.

Don't you hate it...

When you realize you put your underwear on inside out?

And then you're too lazy to switch it when you find out?

I do. Well, I don't. But I still feel like a little bit of an idiot.

(The concept of too much information does not apply on my blog)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Lady Soul - If My Sister's In Trouble

OK OK Here's the deal people. I've graduated from college, but I've realized my real dream is being part of a singing group. Noelle doesn't know about it yet, but Meg and I decided we're going to make a group like unto Lady Soul and sing songs dedicated to friendships and female empowerment. And maybe nuns. If you know anyone with recording capabilities let me know, because I'm serious.

Rock on ladies.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Road

The Road, by Cormac McCarthy, is what I would consider a quick but lingering read. The story was engaging and at some points I felt like I couldn't turn the pages quick enough. While I seemed to fly through the story, when the last page was turned, it was still with me.

The story depicts the travels of a young boy and his father, making their way through the ash-stricken land they used to call home. The man is able to recall the past-the days when the sun would shine and when the ocean was blue-but the only life the boy knows is trying to survive on the road. The relationship between the man and the boy, who remain nameless the entire story, fluctuates as tensions between them rise and fall. The boy has an inherit goodness about him, trying his best to encourage his father to see the best in people, but their situation almost forces the man to question everything and everyone. However, there is a bond shared between them that is strong and fierce; they depend on each other at every moment. It is touching to see how the two of them respond to the events that transpire, and how they are able to grow and learn from each other.

Throughout the story, both characters pose unanswerable questions that force the reader to almost reevaluate their own life. The story leaps off the pages, and while it is a dark and dreary tale, it conjures up some feelings of hope. During a time when humanity has reached its bottom, the boy and the man are able to demonstrate love and charity. They are determined to 'carry the fire' no matter what they encounter.

The writing is lovely, and McCarthy uses his writing style to ensure the reader understands the bleak life of his characters. It is one continuous story, with no chapter breaks, just like the road the boy and the man are traveling. There is no way out; the only way to get through it is to keep going. And it's worth it.