Saturday, January 12, 2008


I'm pretty sure this semester will be the toughest ever. Not only is it my last real semester (i'll have to be here for spring term-through june) but the classes I am signed up for are mostly really boring. I mean, I am sure I will probably learn something somewhat useful in my Medieval French Allegory class, but as of yet, I am just not sure. And my philosophy class on Thomas Aquinas will be rockin'...only not. Way cool teachers, but just really boring. So it'll be an adventure. I am dedicated to going to class even though I might be less than interested in these topics. On the other hand, I am rather excited about my Modern Europe history class. I think the lectures will be interesting and I will learn a lot. I just get giddy about Europe!

Seeing as though graduation is close at hand, I have began to try and figure out my future, to no avail. I am applying to teach English in France, but will not find out if I am accepted until May I believe, and if that doesn't work out I think I want to move to D.C. Every time I think I am starting to have a plan, however, things usually change. So I am mostly deciding NOT to plan anything and see where life takes me. And I'm pumped about it. It will be a marvelous and crazy adventure.

Insert: I just looked over and saw the remnants of my last airline ticket from Frontier. I flew from Denver to SLC last Friday and was sorely disappointed with the service I received. First off, and I know there is nothing that could have really been done about this, but we had to wait over an extra hour to take off from Denver because our crew was late. Then the flight had the worst turbulence ever (again, not a blame for Frontier because I know it wasn't their fault). The real problem was the fact that it took my bag until Tuesday to get to Utah. I don't know exactly how the people at Frontier managed to prolong finding my bag, as it can't just get up and walk by itself, but I was finally saved when someone with smarts answered the phone in the baggage claim in SLC. Trina-thank you. and thank you to the old man who drove the truck that brought the bag to my doorstep. Those two should be given money for their wise efforts.

I've been reading a lot more-I finished The Kiterunner and A Thousand Splendid Suns the past couple weeks and I have loved them. However depressing they are to read, they have seemed to give me a glimpse into the lives of those who experience war firsthand in their everyday 'normal' lives. Rough.

Also, I don't really like Mitt Romney.