Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Worth it?

I realize that I do not really express deep and intellectual thoughts on this blog of mine, nor do I have the desire to do so. Sometimes I wonder if I even have deep or intellectual thoughts-I'm gonna be honest. Just thought I'd throw that out there. So people, if you're looking for deep thoughts, you should probably look somewhere else.

Anyways, I will continue onward with a few goals of mine that I would like to complete throughout my life; more specifically this year. I started writing down goals when I was a freshman in high school. Back then they consisted of "make it into Blue (the show choir)" and "meet the Backstreet Boys". That second one is still on my list. Anyways, I have continued this tradition since that time frame, continually adding to my list, and hopefully accomplishing some of them as well. Like my goal to "go to the Price is Right", which was successfully completed last March and could very well be the best two days of my life. Its true we almost died because we did not sleep at all, making the drive back a little scary, but seeing Bob Barker in real life was amazing. I kid you not-I almost cried when I walked into that studio. I had a picture of him up on my wall all my days. Next to my poster of Nick Carter of BSB.

So as my life will probably and hopefully change somewhat in the next little while, I have decided to try and narrow down a few things I'd like to do during my final semester at school and my first year of real life. They are (not in order):
1. I would like to own a car by the end of the calendar year. Please.
2. When Amy Sue, a BFF of my life, returns from her mission, a cruise is in order. It will be amazingly fun.
3. Also, I would like to return to France-for fun or perhaps my job abroad?
4. Make sure the people in my life know that I care.
5. Live it UP with my peeps while we are all still together at school.
6. Jump bones?
7. Be less sarcastic...
8. Voice lessons
9. Go to the Democratic Convention in Denver this August.
10. Meet the Backstreet Boys
11. Get a job. A real life job with benefits. whoa.
12. Have a party in each of my classes this semester. Food included.
13. Get a costco membership. If only for the polish dogs and churros.
14. Go to at least four good rock concerts. Richmond Fontaine?
15. Scrapbook.

Number 10 might be the most important. And PS if you didn't already know, Kevin took a break from BSB so their last album had only four studs on the cover. Sad, but true.

RIP Kevin Richardson. Come back soon.