Wednesday, March 19, 2008

RIP Cowboy Club

Celebrity Apprentice Quote of the Week:

I am crazy...for Jesus!!
-Stephen Baldwin

Sad to see him go this week...I love you Stephen.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Donald Trump

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Celebrity Apprentice. It is the first show I've gotten into in a long time, and I admit I am addicted and need to watch it every week. Forget American Idol, forget Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer (ok don't forget that one), but Donald Trump is where it is at. He is a powerful and attractive man.

Lets just say I'm more than pleased that Omarosa was fired this week. She's wack-attack.

I think I've finally decided who I want to win this thing, and my pick goes to country heart-throb Trace Adkins. Week after week he is the silent leader with the best ideas, and I don't think he should ever be fired. Plus, he had to deal with a kiss from Piers this week. Ick.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Letters to the Editor.

I feel the need to express this piece of joy in my life. Whenever I feel sad, I just remember that random BYU students hate me. And for some reason it brings a smile to my face.

We all know how much I love writing letters to the editor. For some reason I feel like it provides at least 20 people on this campus some kind of short-term enjoyment. I only write when I know I will be printed. So far, so good, and I have never written a letter that was not printed.

Usually I write something that goes a little too far, meant only to get some kind of response in the following paper. Again, entertainment purposes only. The last letter I wrote, about a month ago, was the best one yet. I judge quality of letter by how much hate mail. And boy, did I get hate mail.

I am including the letter that inspired mine, then my SWEEET letter, then some of the hate mail I received through various forms of stalking. Enjoy.


Library voice

Most students can relate to me as I describe one of my biggest pet peeves. I go to the library to study. I sit at a table in an area where it appears the only sound for miles is the quiet click of computer keys or the gentle sound of turning pages. I settle in for my study session.

Inevitably, however, the people at the table next to me don't seem to understand what it means to use a library voice. They are carrying on with a conversation about their plans for tonight, complete with the names of their attractive dates and what time they expect to be home.

"I did not come to the library to hear a lecture on your dating habits," I think to myself. So, I attempt to ignore, but, no matter how little I care about their date, it seems more interesting than the reading for my class.

Certain conversations should be saved for a better location. If you are working on a group project, try using a study room or the "No Shhhh Zones."

If you feel you are being disruptive, feel free to set the example for your group by asking them to tell you about it later when you can talk more freely. For the sake of those trying to study in quiet, save conversations for another time and place more appropriate than the library.



Take opportunity

In response to the writer of "Library voice" venting about those who decide to share their conversations in the quiet corners of the library, I'd like to share an idea to help ease the situation. You see, I don't know where you study, but, by your description, I can guess it is in the Periodicals, where we all know only the most serious of studiers go.

The people at the table next to you were only expanding your mind to a topic more interesting than the one you were studying; perhaps you fell into the trap of trying to explore an unknown world by listening to these individuals talk about their upcoming dates.

Maybe you are the kind of person who usually doesn't have plans and felt a twinge of jealousy as they elaborated on their exciting Friday night while all you had to look forward to was going on Facebook during a study break to see if anyone had poked you since you last checked. Embrace this eavesdropping experience. Use it to your advantage. See if you can learn anything from these obviously more socially experienced people than yourself. And then maybe, just maybe, the next time you study in the library, you will be the person with better plans.

Cindy Ford
Littleton Colo.

*I have censored some of these as they could be deemed inappropriate

Mean-spirited letter (*this one was actually printed in the DU)

I would like to use the recent caustic letter "Take opportunity" as an example of how not to engage in debate or public discourse at BYU or anywhere else. I have seen many letters like this one that rely on personal attacks and biting remarks to state their opinion. I have several reasons why the authors of these letters should consider a more mature way of expressing themselves.

First of all, ad hominem has been a logical fallacy since the days of Aristotle. You simply cannot make a convincing argument by attacking your opponent with insulting or abusive language. Apart from making a weak argument, this sort of language only succeeds in making enemies and hurting people. We must learn how to tactfully respond to people with different opinions - this one skill alone can get you far in life.

Finally, since dating was brought up in this particular letter, I must remind the author that few things are less attractive than writing mean-spirited criticisms about a complete stranger. Let's think about our word use before using it to tear people down.



Hey there Cindy,
My name is Katherine and I recently read your letter to the editor
in response to the girl who asked for quiet during the library. Very
interesting. I'm not sure if you know what a library is know, like when you read your books and try to
prepare for tests that will get you a degree that you can use in the
real world when you one day leave the BYU bubble. And honestly, I
have to tell you that by making fun of that girl, you were really only
revealing how stuck up and ignorant you are. Even if you don't agree
with her, how dare you insult her like that by claiming that she has
nothing better to do than listen to your conversation or go on
facebook. Believe me, there are a lot of smart, fun, and cute girls
who can STUDY and educate themselves on things besides the latest
gossip. May I go so far as to suggest that it is your own insecurity
that prompted you to write such a vicious response? And let me ask
you this, do you want a guy who is attracted to girls like you who put
down others who actually work for their education, or do you want a
guy who likes girls that respect other people (and themselves) in and
out of the library? Your choice. Anyways, I do not mean to lash out
at you, I just want you to learn the truth about life before you
really wind up in trouble. Best of luck to you, Cindy. With all the
backlash that is inevitably coming your way, you are going to need it.
Your friend, Katherine

this one is really witty
from Lance Dyer
So I just read your response in the Universe. It made you sound very judgmental, mean, and full-of-yourself. Way to go! Way to make someone feel bad about their social life! Your status says that you "love letters to the editor," so you are probably feeling pretty good about how popular you are right now at that person's expense who just wants a quiet place to study (if not the library, where?).

You must have, like, an amazing social life. You probably get together on weekends with all your other popular friends and talk about how, like, popular you are.

Well guess what, your letter makes you look mean, stuck-up, and very unattractive. You are nowhere near as hot as you think you are. Sorry.

If you're trying to make up for some insecurity in your life, try being nice. That is much more effective.

from keilani wolfgramm
i liked that your letter to the editor was actually entertaining to read...they tend to get pretty tedious, arguing about parking or sports. the word b*** gets thrown around a lot these days, and if that letter was dead serious i might be tempted to subcomb to using it, but if it was posted wholely for humor, i can appreciate that. it was pretty f(udg)-ed up tho. all the same. but if that's what you were going for, bravo! i'm excited to see the responses in the paper that will surely follow. it makes you look totally shallow, you prolly realize.

just kinda...lame
from J.J. DeBerian
Hey, your editorial was really mean, you should think about being nicer to people. Also, judging from your profile maybe you should "pay attention a little more" (words of your TA), spend less time on facebook (your own words from your editiorial), and be more considerate of others (the words of pretty much every prophet since like forever). YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!

**So this is just a selection of the heartache i felt for printing my letter. Who would've thought BYU students could be so cruel (but only in secret)

What the HFAC?

OK, so I have decided to be even more aware of the blogging world, and let me tell you, there are more people than I realized who have joined this bandwagon. And just like all of you reading this knows, I always have to be up to date with worldly things. like blogging. and showering. (oh the irony)

so i have began a quest to find and add the blogs of everyone i know to this list. i know, some believe blogging should only be for couples (married, engaged, bf/gf, partners) or for the purpose to express their opinions to the internets. But i believe a blog to be mainly a source of procrastination. and entertainment. i mean, better than any TV show is the life of my friend Meg. (shout out!) its true, and i love her blog.

this leads me now to try even harder to provide witty remarks, ideas, and jokes to those who just are dying to know what is going on in my life. i have no children, boyfriend, or pets to depend on for funny updates on this blog; all i have is me.

i hope it leaves you entertained. or at least kills some time.

PS: if i hook up blogs with you and you don't want to be associated with me, just send me an FYI. no hard feelings.