Friday, February 27, 2009


So usually I don't do tags. Mostly because I am never actually tagged. But my friend Coralie tagged me (well, there are two Cindy's but I'm just going to assume she means both of us) for this photo op.

The thing was to go to your sixth album and post the sixth picture in that album.

The photo Coralie posted is super cute. It's a pic of her and her son on Halloween. They both look darling. As usual.

My photo (as you can see) is me shoving an entire piece of french toast from Kneaders into my mouth because a.) they have an all you can eat french toast breakfast, and b.) someone dared me to see if it was possible.

As you can see, it is possible.

But I don't recommend it.
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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Law and Order: I NEED

Dear L & O,

I am sorry I have been neglecting you the past few days. I know I know, a few days isn't really even that long, but in my world it is too long. You are like an addiction; I need you every day or else my life doesn't seem worth it. I've been too busy during the day to watch you, and I have looked everywhere for full episodes online but I don't think they exist. How can you be on TV for 20 of the 24 hours of a day, but you refuse to put a show or two on hulu? I don't get it.

Anyways, until I can find an hour for you, I will watch old school Ice-T (real name: Tracy Marrow) and remember the good old days. Back when I could spend hours with you and relish the moments.


(PS Did you know Ice-T called Soulja boy's music garbage?! How did I miss this?! DRAMA!)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mardi Gras and Congress

Wow. Today was a BIG day.

Mardi Gras!!! Or as I like to call it, Fat Tuesday.

I thought I'd share a little tidbit about this glorious holiday, but let's be honest: its all about booze and beads.

I think the best thing I read on the Wikipedia entry is its excerpt on the celebrations in Slovenia:

In Slovenia it is called Kurentovanje. It's from the word Kurent which is the name of a mask, made of sheep skin and richly decorated. People make noise with bells attached on their hips. It's also one of the traditions to eat doughnuts.

Short and sweet. And who doesn't like doughnuts. I want to celebrate Mardi Gras in Slovenia next year!! (hey! if I go to France that could totally happen!!!)

Anyways, today was also important because President Obama gave his first Congress Address. I don't know how many of you watched it, but it was like a roller coaster of Nancy Pelosi going up and down. Seriously. After awhile you would notice her preparing to get ready to jump up in enthused applause. Settle down Nancy! Let the man finish his sentence!

*Insert: In celebration of both Mardi Gras and the President, my friend and I watched the speech while eating our glorious buck-a-scoop Chinese food. I think the buck-a-scoop might be the best way to dine during these times of recession...or anytime. Have you seen how big they make those scoops?!*

I was excited to see some of my favorite faces though. Ol' Joe Biden, Justice John Roberts, random girl who wrote Obama a letter about her crumbling school and who got invited to hear him speak (if I were her I would've liked to have been given a pony instead), Joe Lieberman, and Harry Reid. And all the other Congressmen.

Obama gave a fine speech. It was full of hope and promises (but of course with no real solutions) but I'd say it was expected, well-written, and well executed (I can't say the same for the man responsible for the Republican Response: Bobby The way Obama speaks just makes you believe what he's telling you. Which is good. Or bad.

Happy Mardi Gras!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Oscar Highlights

This is hands down one of the funniest clips ever to be seen at the Oscars. Believe it.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oscar Predictions

My love for the Oscars was really solidified last year when I attended my very first Oscar Party. I mean, I had always loved the red carpet before the show, but last year I really felt like I could enjoy the actual ceremony. I was happy for those who won when they deserved it and I was bitter when the Academy was wrong.
(We can all thank Blake for making me hate the Academy)

Anyways. I'm sad I can't be in attendance at the Oscar Party this year. Like, foreal sad.

I will relish the Oscar Magic through the spirit of the season. The Oscar Season.

Oh, and the point of this post is to announce my picks:

Actor in a Leading Role:
Sean Penn

Actor in a Supporting Role:
Heath Ledger
The Dark Knight

Actress in a Leading Role:
Meryl Streep

Actress in a Supporting Role:
Taraji P. Henson
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Animated Feature Film:

Adapted Screenplay:
Slumdog Millionaire

Original Screenplay:

Best Directing:
Slumdog Millionaire

Best Picture:
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

These are my predictions on who I think will win, not necessarily who I think should win, ps)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I Still Hate Cats

Probably more than ever before.

You know those two cats that my family got in August or whenever they got them (aka the worst day of my life)?

A couple months ago they were taken to be 'fixed'. You know, like Bob Barker always said to do. Get those things spayed or neutered.

Well, I guess there's a limit on how many male cats and how many female cats can be done in one day with the place my family went. Because they had more male spots open but they were all booked up with females. (excuse me, but wtf?) So we only got the boy cat fixed.

Oh and they have names but I don't really know them.

Well, the female cat (whom I just refer to as 'cat' or 'piece of crap') just decided she'd go through heat.

Gross. Disgusting. Annoying. Ridiculous.

This cat will not stop meowing in sexual frustration. It will not stop humping random objects or other animals (it has been trying to work it with one of the dogs and this dog has almost mauled the cat. i'm hoping for a showdown)

It 'meow moans' in constant agony all night long. It hides under my bed and cries. I throw stuff at it and force it upstairs. But it still meows.

I hate it.

This piece of crap is the ultimate cat whore looking for love.

Bob Barker was right. Spay those suckas.

Valentine's Day!

i love Valentine's Day. so so so so much.

i hope everyone had a most excellent day with those they love most. or at least someone they don't hate. it makes the holiday even better.

my valentines day meant waking up semi-late, not showering, going to the zoo with my awesome friends, feeding bugs to the birds, eating fish tacos, maybe also eating a blizzard treat from DQ, drinking diet coke, watching three glorious episodes of law and order, and topping it all off with a dip in the hot tub. it was superb!

this year i made my own valentines day cards. i tried to write a little poem in each of my friends cards to represent our relationship.
there is one friend who doesn't really like to be touched (he has a big personal bubble).

this the poem i wrote for him:

roses are red, violets are blue
this valentines day, i promise not to touch you.

(the gift that keeps on giving)

(PS Rubi-I went to the grocery store last week and had to buy this/take its picture for you...)

I Need

Ok I'm sure at least some of you have seen the deal where you go to Google and type in your name and then 'needs' in quotation marks and its funny to see what comes up (i.e. "Barbara needs").

I just thought I'd do it real quick to see what came up.
Some were funny so here i will share:

C needs to learn how to wear clothes that don't drown her. And when it comes to her larger than average chest, they tell her ... (mostly i thought this was really, really funny)

C needs a lot of love

C needs a CAR for CHEAP (so very fitting with my current situation)

C needs the pillow police (this is funny because i have been judged from my pillows before...blake)

C needs a job

C NEEDS a Boyfriend

C needs
a tall, cold glass of STFU

maybe not funny. because they are all soooo true!
is this some kind of sick fortune telling joke?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happy 202nd!!

Yes you heard it right.

This is my 202nd post!!!

Part of me is shocked I came up with 202 things to say. More of me is shocked that people read it.

To celebrate I'll list other things I like in groups of 202:
-Peanut Butter M&M's
-Minutes of Law and Order
-Pages in a book
-Seconds of a Backstreet Boys song

202 is such a great number.

PS: Rachel (aka Momma Elk) is coming to play all weekend long!!! I can't wait.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


There was an article on yesterday about how ringtones are more than just ringtones.

The "story highlights" for the article are as follows:
  • Ringtones are one way for people to showcase their personalities and feelings
  • One third of cell-phone users download ringtones; 40 percent change ringtones often
  • Virginia woman uses Destiny's Child's "Bugaboo" as ringtone for dreaded callers
  • Utah man customized a pro-Obama ringtone to annoy Republican co-workers
I am part of the ringtone club. I love ringtones. I usually enjoy a ringtone that makes other people uncomfortable or awkward.

Currently I am sporting the song "As Long As You Love Me" by the Backstreet Boys.

And if ringtones tell a lot about your personality, what does it mean if I've had the following ringtones?

-Bump and Grind by R. Kelly
-The Lollipop Guild from Wizard of Oz
-Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy by Big and Rich
-Touch my Body by Mariah Carey
-Golddigger by Kanye

Thats all I can think of right now.
(It's ok, you can judge me)


Who wants to bet that Dad is the one who shoved the horse in the tree to make a buck?


I love February and Valentine's Day and all the love that makes its way to the front lines.

It's beautiful.

This is a song by French artist Cali called "L'amour parfait". I love it.

(ps the video is kinda cheesy but it was either this one or a montage of scandalous photos. I pick teddy bears hugging hearts)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Business Cards

I love business cards. When I was 13 I made my own for my babysitting services.

If you haven't seen and the options they have for your newest business cards (and other paper goods) you're missing out. They are too cute.

A selection:

(becky this first one made me think of you)

Go there. Buy some. If I had a reason to have business cards I'd be all over it.

Until then, muffins.

Fine Art

If you're looking for some fine art to hang in your office, home, or any other place, look no longer.

My friend Paul Grass has some great stuff. Check it out here.

Rejection Letters and Love

In the last two weeks I've received a couple (ok maybe more...) rejection emails, letters, phone calls from places I've applied. It's a rough world we live in when I can't even get a job at Walmart.

It was pretty awesome last week when I ran into a friend who said the place she is working is hiring. Bam! I'll take it. I don't even care what it is.

I started training last week.

Where, you ask?

My Favorite Muffin.

I sell muffins. I learned how to make coffee. I wipe tables.

One of my coworkers asked me "Oh, is this your first job?"

No. It's not. Thanks for asking.

And that, my friends, is what a college education will do!

Friday, February 6, 2009


I know you've all been wondering why I haven't posted in a few days. It's sad, really.

This week has been quite a week.

It began Monday night as I was driving home from my friend's place just after midnight. I was driving along (a main street, mind you), jamming out to the Backstreet Boys, thinking the world was pretty aight, when BAM! My car just stopped working-mid drive. There wasn't actually a BAM sound, but I felt it in my heart.

Luckily I was able to coast into a side street, where I called my mom to have her come pick me up. She was a dear and quickly came to my aid. There was a problem, however. I had coasted into a side street that was private property. Oops. My mom and I had a decision to make (oh and my dad and my brothers were all out of town that night. Nice one) so we decided we would push my car across the main street to a residential area.

You heard it folks. My mom and I pushed this car across a five laner and up a hill. By ourselves.

So that was Awesome Event of the Week #1.

I had some friends look at it and it has been determined that the timing belt broke. Hopefully it'll get fixed soon, otherwise good ol' Teddy might have to be put to rest.

Next installment on Awesome Event of the Week (AEW): My New Job!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Phelps Trouble


Ok Ok so the kid won like a billion gold metals at these past Olympics in Beijing. But Michael Phelps is no longer Mr. Clean Cut like we all thought...

Check it:


Yeah that's right.

This is Phelps...and a bong.

Well played, Mikey. Well played.


Two words that summarize my teenage years:

Backstreet Boys

I was in love/obsessed/giddy with BSB. I guess a part of me still feels this way. No lie.

When they came around on tour, I wanted to go sooooooo bad. I didn't have enough money's so instead I walked to Barnes and Noble and bought their "limited edition" fan book. Sometimes I still read it.

Fast forward to last night...

I find out about this just a few days too late:


I don't know if you can read it, but it is an invitation to

It was on January 29. In Canada.

I know Canada is a ways away from Denver, but let's be honest: I would've done anything to be there.

In the words of BSB:

I'd go anywhere for you
Anywhere you asked me to
I'd do anything for you
Anything you want me to
Your love as far as I can see
Is all I'm ever gonna need
There's one thing for sure
I know it's true
Baby, I'd go anywhere for you

Nick Carter-I really do mean it. Next year I want a personal invite...before the party.

Some dreams will never die.