Monday, July 27, 2009

Dreamin' Part 1

I feel like I remember dreams fairly frequently, but there are definitely some dreams that I will never forget.

For the past five or six years, I have had dreams featuring a celebrity. These dreams come about every six months and vary between really awesome and really not awesome.

Who is that celebrity you ask?

Why, none other than Conan O'Brien!

I call them my "Conan Dreams" (clever, I know).

But yeah, I don't get it either. If anyone has insight to why I have biannual dreams involving Conan please, PLEASE let me know.

Most of the time Conan and I are buddies in my dreams. He invites me onto his show and I do a spot or some kind of funny routine and we joke and make fun of each other. Maybe these dreams are revealing a deep passion for comedy or a secret desire to have my own talk show. Maybe its because we both have abnormally large heads. Or maybe I'm subconsciously attracted to Conan-I have no idea.

The last Conan dream I had was July 3. I woke up completely disoriented because my Conan dream was more of a nightmare! The dream involved him ganging up with neighborhood hooligans and chasing me around, trying to prevent me from ever appearing on his stage again.

I seriously woke up wicked confused. Like this relationship I had developed with dream Conan was forever ruined. I obviously don't want that to be the case, so hopefully my next dream will include him apologizing for his behavior, but I have to wait about six months before I find out.

So Conan, if you're reading this, can we still be friends?


Justin and Coralie said...

So I think you should write in to him and maybe he will for real let you on his show. It would be the best Conan show of my life. Do it. :)

San Ba Po said...

seriously my dear Cindy, write him!! show him the dream.