Monday, July 13, 2009


There are quite a few songs in my semi pathetic iTunes library that have never been played. You know how some people have like 508850383 songs so that makes sense? I don't even have close to that many. So I feel a little sad that I neglect some of my precious tunes. And its just ironic that the songs that have the most plays in my library (you know, like Enrique, Jeremih, Akon, Carla Bruni, and BSB) while others have none!

Anyways, I've decided to listen to every song that has never been played.

So far today I've listened to like 4 Jessica Simpson songs, a couple from the Hercules soundtrack, ABBA, and the infamous T-Spoon (oh, what, you don't know who T-spoon is? Don't worry, that is a blog for a different day. And you won't be disappointed)

What I'm really saying is that if you walk in on me rocking out to "I Can Go the Distance" this is why.

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Jill said...

If you ever walk in on me rocking out to Ricky Martin's Spanish version of the Hercules song (No Importa la Distancia), just know that it is NOT because I'm trying to listen to everything.