Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Korea Countdown

It seems as though Korea is coming faster than it seems. I'm set out to depart on August 24...ahhhhh.

But mostly I'm excited. I'm doing various things to prepare myself for this giant culture shock in which I am about to embark.

Including, but not limited to, the following:

-Trying to learn Korean. I learn by watching Arrested Development. It has taught me how to say hello...and well, thats all so far

-Eating Mexican food. It doesn't exist over there.

-Getting paperwork filled out for my future Visa. Yehaw.

-Spending loads and loads of time with my peeps in the Ptown.

-Adjusting my palette by eating Asian foods. Like sushi. And Oriental Top Ramen.Bam.


Derek and Lisa said...

Cindy! It was so good to see you at our reception! It meant a lot that you came!! That's awesome about Korea! What will you be doing there? I love you!

Holly said...

Cindy!!!!! I wish I could jog down to Korea and lay out a red carpet for your arrival. I'm so excited to hear about your adventures! (And if you have time, seeing you before you leave would be wonderful, too...) Luff you!

Katie said...

What kind of place doesn't have Mexican food!