Monday, August 24, 2009

Yo Ponyo

This is how I picture a goldfish:Or sometimes, especially when I'm craving a snack above all other snacks, I picture this:
Interesting that this is how Hayao Miyazaki, director of the new movie Ponyo, pictures a goldfish:

Now, I might get some flack for admitting to this, but I've been wanting to see this movie. First off, I've seen a couple other Miyazaki films and I'm intrigued by the concepts he comes up with and how imaginative he gets with his characters. They're just so different I can't help but love them. Secondovely, well, I do what I want. Thirdly, I can't convince myself to see G.I. Joe. Therefore, tonight seemed like the perfect time to experience the magic of Ponyo.

I loved it. Every last weird element. It tells the story of two friends from different worlds, brought together by the sea, but who stay together because of their love. The visuals are unique and the storyline is perfectly tender. There are some parts of the script that could have been altered into a better state, including what I thought to be a pretty uneventful ending, but it was still fun to watch unfold. The movie depended on it's ability to relate to everyone, and in that regard it was perfect.

So go see Ponyo.

(also, do we know if Korea dubs over movies in Korean?
or do they do subtitles?
that would be good to know)


D said...

I absolutely will not see this movie, but I'm glad you liked it.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Ponyo!!! I'm sad I cannot watch it with you for another year...
Also, I am going to follow you while you are traversing Korea. I am rather jealous of your travels, but I think the proximity to you-know-who makes me less jealous ;)