Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Combo Meal #2

Why I want to learn how to dance like Beyonce.

Reason #1:

It's hot. I mean, just click here to see one of her recent videos (and please just watch the beginning with Kanye West because I think it is fantastic and I still have nothing but love for him and his talent). Who can move like that?! Not me...yet.

I will conquer.

Reason #2:

I'm pretty sure anyone who can do that has the best work out regime ever. Lets be honest, she burns more calories in one dance than I do in an entire week. Who doesn't want to be that in shape?

Reason #3:

I feel like she's just classy. She does these dance moves that could be considered really slutty, but when she does them they're not. And I'm just so intrigued by her and Jay-Z's relationship. You know its hot, but I cannot for the life of me picture the two of them chillin' on their couch watching an episode of the Simpsons while drinking some Kool-aid. Which is probably because they would never do that, which in turn probably equates to the fact that Beyonce and I could never be BFF's. I'm just wishful.

Yeah, thats pretty much it. I want to look hot but not slutty. But if you saw me right now trying to do some of these moves, you'd just think I was weird. Whatev's. I'm in Korea. You can't stop me!

Moving on to my daily Korean wrap up.

I have no real reports from the day.

I mean, I could talk about how COT invited me to go to an English Bible study group with her for her church and that I said I would. And that I'm excited. I'm sure that'll make a good story.

Or I could mention that I finally bought a pot to boil water to allow me to cook my top ramen. And that I also bought some apples which makes me very, very happy.

I could elaborate on the fact that Korean television, even though I don't understand it, could very well be the strangest thing I've ever seen. This includes the dubbed over Spongebob Squarepants episode I tried watching but couldn't.

Also, there could be reference to my school lunch from today: it was some sort of dried fish soup (while it sounds weird, it was actually very tasty. Minus the bones) and some kimchi (of course). I have a feeling this is going to be my life for the next year.

And maybe, just maybe, some Korean students had to pass through my office to get to the computer lab and they spoke to me so politely and were just so darn cute that after they left I let out a sigh of complete and utter contentment.

I'm still giddy about being here. And I love it.

Now onto Beyonce...


San Ba Po said...

First of all, i think you have the ability to be BFFs with anybody. I am sure Beyonce would love to have you as her BFF. Who wouldn't want to be BFF with you?

I love reading your blog!!


Chrissy Renae said...

you're killing me

Lisa said...

Cindy Ford!!! I love your guts, and quite frankly, if any white-bread girl from CHS can pull off dancing like Beyonce it is surely you. However, don't you think slutty is in the eye of the beholder? What is the dividing line? A pole? Just sayin'...