Thursday, September 24, 2009

Day in Pictures

First off, let me express that I had a semi heart attack when I realized that HULU doesn't work outside of the U.S. Yeah, I had a freak out. I mean, I brought my Arrested Development DVD's here, but what about The Office, Glee, and Project Runway?! It would cause most to share my same reaction. I did some internet research. I thought I'd have to pay for Glee off of iTunes. No thank you. After more dedication, I found a site where I can watch everything I want (and more!)for free. Thank you internet, for keeping me sane. And caught up on my American television. Especially when I don't have any friends yet. Glee is just too funny to miss.

And now.

Here is my day in photos. Well, part of it.

This is a tad bit south of me (read: approximately one block). The city ends and agriculture begins. I enjoy this time of day.

My dinner. I ventured out into the great city and found a restaurant with pictures of their food well displayed (meaning I could point to what I want), allowing me to eat out for the first time. And it was delicious! The main course rice/chicken dish was lovely; as for side dishes, some are good, some are bad, and some are unidentifiable.

I use chopsticks. I rock.

(which ps here in korea they only use chopsticks and spoons. no forks, no knives. everywhere you go just spoons and chopsticks. its crazy!)


D said...

I see a lot of shoulder in that picture, Cindy. Remember who you are.

Katie said...

woah woah woah, what is this amazing site you speak of? Can you email it to me?

I'm jealous of your chopsticks.

<3 alice

San Ba Po said...

Oh Cindy, you are just soo beautiful! love your photo with your new venture. your eyes are just soooo mmmmm love the color on you! and i love your big eyes.. Did you know lots asians go into surgery to cut their eyelids like yours... me? i just use eyeliner. HAHA... miss you Cindy. Can we send you some DVDs? or Plastic forks?

we love you!!

Katie Fitches said...

i read you blog all the time and i love it, we are similar its scary!