Friday, September 11, 2009


It was a Tuesday.

I woke up to the news being played in my parents room, just like any other day.

Talk radio was on in my dad's car on my way to school, just like any other day.

The words spoken on the news, however, would only guarantee that it wasn't like any other day.


I wrote the following in my journal that night:

"Today was a very impacting, sad, depressing day. Today the United States was attacked by an unknown terrorist. It is a very confusing situation for me. This morning before I went to school an airplane was flown into the World Trade Center in New York. Over 50,000 people work in the WTC. Then, a second plane was flown into the other half of the twin towers. Later, another flew into the Pentagon. And another plane crashed in Pennsylvania. These four airplanes were hijacked, and were, in total loaded with more than 250 innocent victims just wanting to get from one place to another. It just makes me so sad, thinking of all these victims and their families...Many people think this is the beginning of a war, but nothing has been formally announced...Most of my teachers at school were close to tears. I really wish I could do something to help. I really feel helpless"

Sept 21, 2001 I wrote this:

"It's been ten days since the terrorist attack, and the United States has changed-for the better. There is much more patriotism and more flags soaring over our nation. It's been a hard week or so, a time to adjust to whats been happening. The President has made some hints about war but nothing is final...About 200 people died in the Pentagon, and the same amount of people have been confirmed dead in New York. But there is still around 5,000 people missing around ground zero. It's so sad. It just changes life perspectives and whats important"

I had never been to New York. I didn't know anyone who was there at the time. But I knew this was a day that I would never forget. I knew it would change everything and everyone. And it has. I am grateful for our nation and our freedom.
May everyone share a little more love today.

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