Monday, September 21, 2009


My first post from Korea. I can hardly believe it. I can also hardly believe that I'm not asleep. It's 5 am here. I am exhausted and tired and all sorts of loopy but I still cannot sleep. The first time I've ever been so affected by jet lag. And it bites.

But it does allow me to send a giant hug to my American friends (I have like a billion Korean friends so now I have to distinguish between the two groups).

The flight was long. And when I landed here I looked like trash-mcgee. But it's fine because I got a present from my school: a towel. Seriously the weirdest thing ever. I thought it was a book. But no. It's a pink hand towel. Well, its the size of a hand towel but I'm pretty sure its considered a bath towel. Boo. Good thing I shoved my dinosaur beach towel in a bag last minute. Plus, I think it adds a lot to my apartment.

(why it says charmant and that date and whatever that says in korean i will never know)

I do have a video of my apartment aka my square but it's not uploading. The internet I'm borrowing (or stealing?) isn't the best so it's taking forever to do that. Maybe I'll try to at a better location (aka mcdonalds) at another time.

My apartment is in a stellar location. And when I say stellar I mean I have no idea if it's good or not. It is in close distance (read walking distance) from school so that's nice. And there's another English teacher across the hall (or so I hear) so maybe we'll be friends. (Am I using parenthesis too much?)

The Korean's I have met so far have been very kind. I've been gawked at by a 9 year old girl and I've been judged for not drinking the alcohol.

I wrote an email to my family and here is part of it (just because I don't feel like retyping it):

a man was supposed to be there (at the airport) holding a sign with my name. he wasn't (i was kind of sad about that. i wanted my name on a poster) so i called and he had been stuck in traffic so we meet at our second meeting point location. his name is J and he is very nice. but i did get to thinking how weird is it that i fly to korea and get into a car with a strange man? pretty wild. so we get all my crap in his mini-van (love it) and we start driving down to my city. it took about two hours to get here (the train is shorter. thank goodness) and the conversation was pretty entertaining. he went to school for awhile at UNLV (Vegas) and also in Atlanta. At one point in the conversation he blurted out "I used to smoke weed all the time!" and i laughed pretty hard. it was after he asked me what i liked to drink (alcohol style) and i said i didn't do it. he was shocked and confessed of his past sins. then he asked what i did for fun, because apparently all you do here is drink. and fish (he invited me fishing). oh and did i mention this was all happening when i looked like a cave monster with nappy hair and a smelly aura? yeah. i was super gross.

J was super nice and we met my co-teacher at the school real quick around 8:30 pm local time where they talked in korean and i looked dead. my co-teacher brought her 9 year old daughter because she wanted to see me (token white girl) but i only feel bad. because she wasn't seeing the real me-she was seeing the post 20 hour flight me. so then we came to my apt (super small but cuter than i was envisioning), dropped of my stuff (poor jay was such a gentleman and carried all my bags up. he looked dead after that too). then co teacher Mrs. K took me to the store to pick up some necessities (like frosted flakes) after we said goodbye to J. it was funny. at the store (Lottemart-pronounced Lott-eh mart-kind of like a target/kmart dealio) we were about to head out when all of a sudden i see two white people! we immediately gravitated towards each other and started talking. they're a young couple (around my age i'm guessing) and they're just starting their second year here. so they told me to look them up on facebook and to let them know if i need anything. super nice.


is this exciting information for you all? or boring. because I can talk about other things, too. like how at the grocery store you have to pay 100 won (8 cents) to unhook the shopping carts from each other to use them. And how they have a greeter boy who bows when you walk in and welcomes you (I'm guessing he's welcoming but I don't speak korean) and he also sanitizes the handle of the shopping cart. Awesome.

this is really long. i'm losing it. but let me know if this is what you want to hear. if not, its back to posts like "why i want to learn how to dance like beyonce". if you made it this far i love you (except darren because your posts are all cop outs). :)


Miss MyKelle J said...

Awesome!!! I want to go there and be the token white girl... :)

kamille said...

i loved it!! keep the posts coming.

D said...

You take that back, Cindy! You take that back! Didn't like the new posts, I see? Sad day. Good to see you're settling in. I still hate Korea, but I love you.

Katie Fitches said...

i love beyonce....

Elizabeth said...

I didn't know Korea was so cool! I want a greeter boy who bows when I walk into a store. Thanks for the great details, and keep up the good work. :)

San Ba Po said...

cindy, love your blog!! keep posting. I want to hear about everything!!! I think it's weird that you have to put 100 won in the shopping cart in order to use it. do they give you your money back after you are done with the car? like Champion in France?

Erin said...

Will you please make your blog a combination of exactly what you do in Korea and why it's awesome AND why you want to dance like Beyonce? I think that would be a dream come true for me.

Jeff said...

don't worry love, with the pressure of teaching and living in a foreign country, i'm sure you'll be drinking the alcohol in no time.