Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I should've known

I should've known today would be awesome the moment I woke up and turned on my iTunes and 98 Degrees came on. It has been proven that any time you listen to 98 Degrees, your happiness level goes up 82%. Which, even if you start at 0%, you'll be above average in no time! (All scientific facts here).

Actually, click here in a new tab to listen while you read my blog. It makes great background music. Seriously. Click on it.

I also knew it would be awesome because it was only a half day! Booyah. And it will also be a half day tomorrow and Thursday. And no school Friday.

So normally when I look at the clock and its only 11:00am I think, "Ugh, still 5 more hours". But today when I looked at the clock and it said 11:00am, I thought, "Awesome! I leave soon!".

(let me say this is hopefully only a temporary sentiment. when i actually start teaching classes i'm anticipating the day will go by quicker).

The next thing to add to my happiness level was when a random young Korean man (he isn't a student but he didn't strike me as a teacher either) walked into my office and gave me these:


This is what I thought:
(Sideways. It's what I do)

Anyways. So I wasn't really sure why this random Korean came and gave me a pile of chestnuts, but I embraced it. I haven't eaten them yet, because I don't really know how to eat a chestnut. And I think I might keep them until Christmas and roast them on an open fire. You know, for sentimental value.

I got out of school at noon (booyah) and decided to have some fun.

Which meant: McDonalds!

Ok, so I wasn't really planning on going to McDonalds but I walked past it and I hadn't eaten lunch yet and you know what, a BigMac sounded good.

This guy knows what I'm talking about:

(Also, someone said they didn't believe I was in Korea because I had no pictures of Koreans. So BAM. Proof.)

I usually don't even eat at McDonalds very often when I'm at home, but today it was the perfect meal. And its wayyyy cheaper here. So I have a feeling I'll go more frequently than ever before in my life.

After lunch, I walked around downtown for a bit and was excited to see nail polish on sale for only 1000 W (less than a dollar)! I bought a couple and the lady gave me a free sample of something. Happiness level=up.

To complete the day of festivities, I decided to go to a movie. I didn't know what was playing, or when, so when I got to the theatre I was pleased to see they had a couple English ones. Yes, I would've seen a Korean one if I had to.

What movie did I see, you ask?

Why, of course I saw the hit(?) film, Fame!

Yeah, this movie mostly wasn't very good. It was actually kind of bad. The storyline sucked big time and the music wasn't all that awesome. But despite that, I still liked it a little bit. It could've been the English factor, it could be my secret desire to pursue Broadway, or it could be that I felt superior to everyone else in the theatre because I understood it, but for whatever reason, it was time well spent.

Also, the theatre serves caramel on their popcorn! And it has Coke Zero! And its not the most expensive thing in the world! All great things.


San Ba Po said...

Chestnuts are great~!! usually they serve warm, in Taiwan anyway. And they cut a little bit open for you, so you can peel them by hand.

mmm.. reading about your korea experience, makes me want to hop on a plane and go visit you!!

Erin said...

That really is an amazing day. McDonald's is somewhere I NEVER go here, but I've been known to visit it while in another country. It just makes you feel like you're home, you know?

Katie Fitches said...

this sounds like a perfect day to me!
big beefy burger

dang your life is awesome!