Monday, September 14, 2009

Weekend (w)Rap Up

I have so many things to say.

First off, let's talk about the VMA's.

I watched them tonight. I could be embarrassed about this, but I'm not. During the days of my youth, the VMA's were the They were hyped up and everyone went and they had wicked funny skits and hosts were entertaining and it was a super big deal and everybody wanted to perform and/or attend. I even dreamed of walking down that carpet and interviewing BSB and Britney and Christina. I did.

Those were the days.

Now we have CRAZY PEOPLE working the VMA's. It's like you are forced to watch to see what other weirdo things are going to happen. Everyone's talking about the Kanye West/Taylor Swift exchange. All I have to say is that Kanye was probably a little tipsy: good enough excuse for me. (Also earlier I had just watched the music video for Beyonce's song Ego featuring Kanye and so I could see how he was more protective of Mrs. Jay-Z). Anyways. Yeah, not the best thing to ever happen but Beyonce made up for it (along with that random little boy who showed up and stood up for Swift-who was that kid by the way?). No harm no foul. I'll take the drama.

I couldn't help but laugh every time they showed Lady Gaga. That was enough entertainment for me. Her outfits=awesome. In the most disturbing way. Along with her performance. What that woman thinks I never want to know. I suspect she's losing her mind. And poor Kermit the Frog now has herpes. Thanks, Gaga. Maybe you can be in the next Muppets in Space movie.

Legit my favorites of the night were Beyonce's performance, the Eminem/Tracy Jordan shorts (sooo funny), T.I.'s win (I only wish they showed him accept his award from prison), and holy hannah the final performance with Jay-Z and Alicia Keys was phenom.

Moving on...

BYU beat Tulane. 54-3. Seriously they sucked. I mean, we're good. But Tulane really, really sucked. Everytime they made a right move, they made an even bigger wrong move. It was fun to watch, until their pathetic team just made me feel sad for them. That and the fact that their entire stadium cleared out by the fourth quarter. My parents and I had some good laughs at their expense. I'll take it.

And finally:

I went camping. I wore flannel. I smelled like fire. I relished the Rocky Mountains one last time. And I loved it.


hollylynn said...

lady gaga is an obnoxious bag of crazy. what was up with that red outfit?!

Erin said...

Several things:

1. I love your flannel, and I love camping. I haven't been in far too long.

2. I didn't see the VMAs, but I did read cnn this morning and heard all about it.

3. I was so excited about the Kanye situation that I blogged about it.

4. I knew you would say something about it on YOUR blog, so I hustled myself over here to see what it was, and, as usual, you did not disappoint me, Miss Ford.

4. Lady Gaga is my dream.