Thursday, October 29, 2009

Epitome of Pathetic

I haven't left my apartment in five days.

This is even more impressive considering my apartment is the size of a closet.

I'm starting to get real antsy. Which perfectly coincides with the fact that I have no more bottled water or food in general, including ice cream bars. Necessities.

There is a local grocery/convenience store probably 100 feet from my apartment building, but that even seems far away. The woman who owns the store is the nicest lady. We have an upstanding waving/hello relationship every time I pass her store, which is every time I go anywhere. And when I went in on Monday, wearing my death mask and reeking of the flu, she even gave me a discount. I think she felt sorry for me. And I accepted being felt sorry for.

COT made a stop by yesterday. It was mostly awkward. She knocked and I opened the door and she stayed three feet beyond the open door the entire time, randomly taking full glances of my apartment. I don't know if she came to see if I was dead, or if I was still sick, or what. But she was obviously afraid of getting too close to me. I haven't really looked in a mirror more than 30 seconds all week, so she could have very well been frightened of my appearance.

Anyways, the conversation included her asking me if I was still sick. Duh. She also came to tell me that our big demo lesson was moved to a later time, which that later time turns out to be my birthday (lucky girl I am-I guess that rules out going to Dublin to see the Backstreet Boys). She also asked if I needed anything, but it was one of those obligation questions and I could tell she didn't want to be any extra help to me. So I said no. And she left.

And thats the most exciting thing that has happened all week. Oh except I was so bored I decided to start working on a music video. But that's really it.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Haiku Thursday

Bored to death, its true
The Swine isn't leaving soon.
I miss Qdoba.

Football poster here
I stare at it every day
All thanks to you Jill!

Koreans love teeth.
They brush theirs five times a day.
Sometimes I chew gum.

happy birthday d.
i have nothing to give you
except for my love.

i love halloween.
there is no halloween here

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My internet won't work if my microwave is plugged in

Saturday I went up to Seoul for some shopping.

And for some pictures with our favorite cartoon characters!

Pikachu was the first one we saw. I literally ran after him. I was so excited. After we took this picture I told him I loved him. He told me he loved me back. It was pure magic.

Shrek wasn't as shy.

As was Stitch, from the one and only Lilo and Stitch. Which I don't actually like. But it was there, and so I took a photo.

Yeah. Awesome.

She's got Seoul

So one time I went to Seoul to see Beyonce.

Oh wait that was last week. And it was awesome.

Unfortunately, as we all know, taking pictures during concerts is hardly a worthwhile endeavor as the pictures always come out blurry and suck. And since I can't upload videos with my internets, these are all the proof I have.

Before the show started, we noticed there was some commotion going on in a different section. So naturally I had to go investigate. I found a nice boy who spoke some English and asked him. After asking a few other people, it turns out some Korean Idol star was there. I went down to get a closer look:

I'm not sure if I actually took a picture of the Korean Idol, but we can pretend.
Hey. Look! Korean Idol!

We were really excited to be in Seoul and we were even more excited to see Beyonce. She performed a ton of her new tracks as well as some throw back Destinys Child, which I loved. One of my favorite aspects of the show was that I was surrounded by hundreds of Koreans who don't speak English but who knew every word to every song. It really is impressive. And it created such a bond. Its like I was friends with every one of those Koreans.

Beyonce threw out some Korean (hello. and i love you) and the crowd loved it. She's so international. It was a solid show with a lot of dancing and hand waving and awesomness. A wild and crazy adventure. Worth every penny. Or won.
I also bought a concert tshirt. I never do that. But I will wear Beyonce with pride.

Since the concert got out a little late, and since the subway stops a little earlier than that, we had limited options for getting back to our city. We could've stayed overnight in Seoul and come back early the next day, but it was a school night. And we knew the likelihood of that actually happening was not high.

So we took a taxi. This taxi driver was crazy. I thought I had outgrown carsickness, but this guy brought it back. And get this: my friend Alex was sitting in the front seat and probably five minutes into the ride, he reaches over and takes her water bottle out of her hands and takes a swig. Whaaaatt? Is this socially acceptable? And then when we finally get to our destination he tries upping the price we had decided on before getting in the car. We didn't let that happen.

But wow. What a night.

Monday, October 26, 2009

a recreation

there were some of you who requested a replay of my shopping cart incident.

here is the best i could come up with. i refused to go back on the streets with this, so my apartment is the locale.

In case you can't tell, the basket is hitting me right in the middle of my calf.

Needless to say, I bruised after that little shenanigan.

And check it! I'm shaving my legs here. I'm so modern.

It got me.

This is me at this exact moment.

Ok so like three moments ago. But I look the same. And I look goooood.

This is the only spot in my apartment where the internets is good to me. And yes it is in the very corner of my 'clothes dryer' room. But hey, I'm not complaining.

Also, you can barely make out my newest knitting creation. I dig it.

(I found a yarn store here!! I'm so excited. I walked in and there were three old Korean women knitting/crocheting to their little hearts content. I think next time I go I'll bring my supplies so I can hang out with them. Not joking).

Ok so we have a LOT to catch up on. I've been living the Korean dream here, and I want to share every step with you.

But first.

It got me.

The swine. The H1N1. However you spell it, it still comes out SUCK.

Yesterday I woke up in utter pain and anguish. I knew it had finally hit me. So when I got to school this morning I knew I'd be sent right back home. I would've called, but COT is still holding out on taking me to get a phone. Ugh. So I went and they took my temperature and indeed, I had a fever. So I made a little visit to the clinic and got some drugs.

And now I'm stuck at home. The earliest I'll be able to go back to school is Thursday.


But this is GREAT news for you! It means more blogging! (if my internet stays working)

Thank the swine.

Korean Child Prodigy

I've been trying to get a bank account open here for awhile. I've asked COT time and time again and finally last week I got her to take notice.

It was after school. I was at my computer. She was at hers. A couple days before she had mentioned that the bank closes at 4 pm everyday.

It was 3:13 pm. I had to work fast. I nonchalantly said it would be the perfect time to go open up my bank account.

She agreed. Only she had no intentions of actually coming.

She looked to the Korean Child Prodigy.

He was in our office cleaning and as soon as she asked him, he looked nervous. Yes, she had pawned off going to the bank. And she had pawned it off on a 13 year old student.

Is it just me or would that never happen back home?

So KCP and I walk around the corner from the school to the bank. We get to the teller. KCP is nervous. He explains what needs to happen (in Korean). And then he turns to me and says I need a paper from the school verifying my employment. So we call up to COT on the phone and she tells KCP to RUN back to school to pick up the paper. I had no idea what was going on, naturally, but next thing I know is he's gone, running back to the school, and I'm waiting at the bank. It was such a process.

And poor KCP. I mean, these kids do anything their teachers tell them to do. I would've never fit in here growing up.

It worked though. I now have a Korean bank account. Weird, eh?

Also, KCP and I have discussed the following topics:
-The difference between Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt. (the kids are pretty good at US Presidents here. Which is sad, because I don't know the current president of Korea)
-The Korean War
-How the 'Sea of Japan' is not really the 'Sea of Japan', but the 'East Sea' (apparently Japan calls it the former, and Korea calls it the later)
-How Eminem songs have good beats but bad messages (this was mostly him. Me and a couple other Korean kids were rocking out to it)

This kid means business. I get more nervous when he comes up to talk to me than when I'm teaching a class. I just wish he'd want to talk to me about Yugioh or Spiderman. Now those are topics I can get behind.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sneaky Sneak

Let me sneak in a quick post while I'm sitting here at my desk.

I have so many stories and random daily quirks about living here that I can't wait to get back to normal blogging. I'm seriously taking notes during my days so I don't forget what happens.

First things first:
It was a night of pure magical bliss.
Despite not getting a seat in the almost two hour subway ride. And having a punk taxi driver on the way home, it was simply phenom.

COT has turned a new leaf. She now plays random Korean music all.the.time. In our office. In the room next to our office. She just went in there with another teacher and I don't know whats going on. Maybe its a make-shift worship service. All I know is that if she keeps this up I'm going to start busting out BSB.

I still don't have internet at my place. The thing with COT is that you have to ask her about something at the precise moment she will actually listen to you, which is rare. I mean, I've asked her about things multiple times, and she hears me but she doesn't do anything. And then there comes a moment where it finally seems to hit her and she decides to help. Its very fun. Almost like a game.

A game that I hate and never want to play again.
(like the movie game with darren)

Yesterday at lunch I finished up my rice/soup/kimchi combo meal that I get every day and I went to put my tray away. Right as I stand up this random teacher man says something, and the rest of the teachers giggle and stare at me. Nice.

I asked COT what he said.
She translated as follows:
"He says he wants to fall into your eyes. He thinks they are very beautiful"


I'm soooo going to find an Asian man to love.

Thats not all, but its all for now. I also have stories about COT kidnapping me to her house to entertain her children and more on the Korean child prodigy. All great things.

Now go listen to some Beyonce!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


My dear friends.

Guess where I'm going tonight.

Here is a hint:

More on this (and a story on opening my bank account) later.

Now, I must practice Single Ladies one more time...

Monday, October 19, 2009

No Photos

Yeah I'm not at home so I can't put my pics up. Tomorrow I finally have my ET/Chimp class again so I'm hoping I can work in a photo op. I know you're all dying to see it. And I'm dying to photograph it.

Along with that photo, you can hope to see the giant bruise on my leg from the whole shopping cart/basket walk home from last week. Seriously. I looked down at my leg the other day and there is a bruise the size of Cambodia.

And while I have your attention, I will tell you of the Korean boy prodigy who seems to linger around me and want to talk about subjects far more superior than what I teach in class (i.e. Michael Jackson). He is the boy who spoke to me regarding the European Union last week. I didn't understand what he was saying because I didn't realize these young ones could converse about such topics.

You see, at my school the boys are required to clean the classrooms. Today boy prodigy, along with a few others, was assigned to teach my office/classroom area. This meant he was around me for an extended period of time.

At first he brought up Star Wars (he knows how to get to my heart) and I was excited: this was something I could talk about! But then he changed topics suddenly to what one of his Korean teachers talks about. Oh, wait, it wasn't that sudden. He mentioned that he called this teacher Jedi.

He begins: "My Korean teacher (Jedi)...he speaks of heavy subjects"

Me: (What? Did he just say heavy subjects?) "Oh yeah? During class?"

Him: "No, usually during the ten minutes before or after"

Me: (so this kid stays to learn. i love it) "Wow, that is cool"

Him: "He talked about Barack Obama. What is happening with Obama?"

Me: (Can we please talk about Star Wars some more?) "Oh yeah. Obama. He's the President. Many people were very excited when he was elected. But now there are many who are not (I didn't know how much detail this kid was expecting). How do Koreans like him?"

Him: "He is better than Bush!" (the most excited I've ever heard him)

Me: "Hahaha. Yeah-I hear that a lot"


I don't know what else to say to this one. Remind me to brush up on world affairs just in case I run into him.

But really, I love it.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


I know I'm in Korea right now.

But I now have more of a desire to go to Vegas than ever.

I just read on Erin's blog (I would link her but she just went private so it wouldn't be worth it) that GARTH BROOKS is coming out of retirement to perform in Vegas!!!

15 weekends a year, the Wynn will fly Brooks out to Vegas for four shows. Then, they will fly him back to Oklahoma by Monday morning. OUT OF CONTROL! I want.

I think my favorite part of the article, however, was that CNN now gets news updates by text message. Awesome.

OK but don't be alarmed. Cher is still first on my priority list for going to Vegas. But could you imagine a more amazing weekend then Cher AND Garth? I'm dying just thinking about it.

That is all.

(I looked for a picture of Garth and Cher together but it doesn't exist. Sorry)

Also, I am currently sick. My voice gave out halfway through the day so I couldn't teach my last class. Being sick in Korea is bad news. I can't read medicine boxes. AND I'm pretty sure they think I have the swine. Or SARS.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cruel Joke

Dear 7-11,

When I first got here, I basked in your familiarity. In a world of BBQ chicken and Family Marts, you had given me a glimpse of the good ol' U.S.A. It took a few days to get used to 7-11 without gas pumps, but I soon forgave you for these shortcomings.

But you are also a cruel, cruel deceiver. Every time I walk past your colorful 7, I immediately have want of a cold fountain drink or, heaven forbid, maybe even a slurpee. I dream of being able to own my own Korean slurpee mug that only would cost 1000 won for a refill. You see, when I think 7-11, I think these things. (and Raj)

Alas, you cannot provide these necessities to me. There are no mugs. There are no slurpees. There is no icy cold Diet Coke. (and there are no day old donuts waiting to be bought). It is a land of cup o' noodles and top ramen.

So while you are good to have around, I would prefer it if we stopped seeing each other. It's just getting too hard. And yes, this means I'll have to find a new way to work in the morning. But it's better this way. For us both.

And while I have your attention, 7-11, will you please tell me why you're the cool place for old Korean men during the evenings/weekends? Your plastic tables and chairs tell me its a commonality, but I just don't get the appeal.

Especially when you're sans slurpees.

Until we meet again (the right way),

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Story of my life

You know those moments when you think you're an absolute genius for figuring something out? And then when you execute your genius plan it turns out to be worse than anything?

My friends, that is the story of my life.

At least it was the story of my tonight.

I decided to go grocery shopping. Like, legit shopping where I buy more than some ice cream and a box of cereal. This is more difficult here, as I don't have a car to just throw all my groceries in and drive off. Ok so I've never actually had my own car. But that's beside the point.

Anyways, I decided I had three options: I could take the bus (mostly) home. I could grab a taxi. Or I could walk.

Since I had "take a walk" already on my list for this evening, I chose option #3. I devised the most excellent plan. I would simply buy one of those little rolly carts like you see old ladies drag around town! It would be a good investment AND I could carry a pretty good amount of junk.

I got to the local LotteMart and began my shopping experience. I was pretty wild, I will admit. I bought cheese!! (This has been the longest I've gone without cheese in my entire life) And a couple plates (up until this point I have been using bowls. It has been fun, but a change of pace was in order). I also enjoyed purchasing some kind of meat patties and Pringles! Yes, my life is that exciting.

I looked for a rolly cart to buy and found the skeleton part, but I needed a bag or basket of some sort to hold my goods. And then: BAM. I found the perfect basket (which I'm actually going to use for extra clothing storage). Anyways. I seriously was walking around the store with a giant grin on my face thinking I was the

More like Or

I forgot to factor in that I'm probably a foot taller than the average Korean woman. And the cobble sidewalks.

This meant lots of spills. Lots of readjustments. And lots of lopsided walking and rolling.

I looked real good.

Luckily I made it home alive and no dishes broke. I have spaghetti cooking and French pop music playing on my Itunes.

This is the life.

But not the life of a genius.

Monday, October 12, 2009

I'm pretty sure I just ate a whole small chicken

Good morning my friends in the USA! Weird how my Monday is ending and yours is just beginning.

I love and miss all of you.

And I'm pretty sure I really did just eat an entire small chicken.

You see, here in Korea I don't have the luxury to really know what I'm eating. But its been a rule of mine that if it tastes good, I'll eat it.

Last week we had some fried chicken as one of our 'side dishes' for school lunch. I was glad to recognize this food. But that was before I realized all our utensils included was a pair of chopsticks and a spoon. I froze. I tried to nonchalantly glance around the room to see what everyone else was doing. I was shocked.

They were eating fried chicken with chopsticks.

How this is done, better yet, how I figured out how to do this, is still a mystery. But I do know I ate that chicken and I ate it proudly.

(also today I'm pretty sure we had some kind of heart. i took a bite-nothing special-and then i took a closer look at this meat creation. there were definite arteries. that ended my consumption of that dish)

I have had my eye on this one particular restaurant for awhile now. It has big colorful photos of food when you walk past it so I knew I'd be able to point proudly. And maybe the chicken in the pictures look strangely familiar to Americanized seasame chicken from the local buck-a-scoop (I miss the buck-a-scoop. And you, Jordan). So secretly I was hoping it would taste the same, too.

I worked late (boo) so I decided just to head over there on my way home. The restaurant was empty and the couple who owned it jumped to my request. I pointed to the one I wanted. I waited with eager hunger for my meal.

The best part of getting my food to-go is that I spend the whole walk home wondering what exactly I will be eating. I usually have an idea, but things never turn out the way you think. I questioned my decision.

That all stopped when I took my first bite. It was delish.

I continued to eat my way through the box. I felt like Darren at Applebees half price appetizers (he is really the only person I know who prefers eating chicken wings with the bones...crazy. Also, click on his name and go read his blog. Sometimes he's funny. And I want him to stop complaining about how no one reads it). I brutally destroyed this chicken.

(how much do we LOVE pictures of me eating?!)

In the end, I regret my decision. Too much too soon.

And that, my friends, is my story.

Friday, October 9, 2009

My Korean laundry soap smells nice

And other random thoughts from this week.

-So since I dressed like such a hussy on Wednesday, I made sure to be extra modest on Thursday. I even wore a zip up hoodie just in case. And no headband. Mrs. Kim approved of my ensemble, which I was grateful for, because Thursday happened to be our faculty picture day! Boo.yah.

I wish you all could've seen how awesome this experience was for me. All us teachers went outside (keep in mind this means no teachers inside with students-yeah. poorly timed photo session in my opinion) and did the typical class photo. To say that I stood out among the 40 or so other teachers would be an understatement. I seriously hope I get a copy. It needs to be shared with the world.

-Today I had my first inappropriate comment in class!! Do not read further if you get uncomfortable easy (which, if you do, I am surprised you are my friend. And if you are a relative you have no choice).

I walk into my last class of the day and I can tell its going to be a wild ride. This middle table of boys is especially rambunctious. As I am about to start my lesson, one of these middle table boys randomly says to me, "My dog is named Penis".

Wait? Did he really just say that?

Yes. Yes he did.

Inside I was laughing. A lot. He was obviously saying this to get a reaction from me.
So I did not give him what he wanted. Lets not forget how good I am at keeping a straight face. I simply looked away and began my lesson. But really. That's funny.

-The other day I watched a video about how famous people are getting the swine flu and blah blah blah. I wouldn't normally watch this video, except CNN is very good at what they do and put the headline as "Backstreet Boy and other celebrities get the swine flu" (or something like that). I have a strict code to watch/listen/read anything regarding BSB. Turns out Brian Lattrell looks like a pansy when he gets sick (they showed a clip he put on youtube apologizing for not being able to go to some appearance. boring). Anyways, he looked gross.

Naturally, this means Brian Lattrell showed up in my dreams the following night. He looked like he did in the swine flu video. It was the worst BSB dream appearance I've ever had. Goo.

-No really, this laundry soap smells divine. And since the washing machine is all in Korean, I have no idea what cycle I put this load through.

-I'm working on two Beyonce dances: Sweet Dreams and, of course, Single Ladies. I'm going to be a hit at parties.

-I found out my inside shoes at school are actually shower shoes. I'm just one fashion faux pas after another. It doesn't really bother me, but COT says it sounds funny when I walk. Which is code for, "Get a new pair of inside shoes Cindy"

-This city has the best sunsets. Feels good to be in Korea.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What not to wear

This is what I wore to school today:

This is the (constructive) criticism I received from COT:

COT (in broken English): Um, I believe that your shirt might be...too low.

Me: Oh, really? (I could've sworn this was appropriate!)

COT: Yes. The older boys. They have hard time paying attention.

Me: Oh. Well, sorry...

COT: The Vice Principal (who thankfully I hadn't seen all day so I don't know how this was discovered) he does not like it.

Me: Ok, I'll remember for next time.

COT: Ok. And another Korean taboo is your white headband.

Me: Really?

COT: Yes. In Korea a white headband is worn at funerals and is kind of a symbol for death.

Me: Wow. Yeah, I had no idea. Could I wear other headbands-not white?

COT: Personally, I think you look better without it. With nothing in your hair. You wear it down-like yesterday. That is better.

Me: Alright. Well, good to know. Thanks.

le fin.

So yeah, maybe one of the most awkward convos ever. But well appreciated. I don't want to walk around in immodest clothing celebrating death.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I'm a teacher...kinda

So. Big things are happening over here.

(Other than me getting excited about cake boxes.)

I taught today!

It was definitely interesting.

It started with my first class, which didn't go so well. My planned lesson for sure only got me a little past half way so the rest of the time in class was total improv. At one point I envisioned myself as Jerry Seinfeld doing stand up-I was that funny. But nobody really understood how funny I was, which was disappointing. So I started asking the boys about whether or not they liked American music. They threw out a few names of bands (like Green Day? and Boys Like Girls? Where are they getting this garbage!?). There was also mention of the Korean pop girl group Wonder Girls:

(I couldn't make up stuff this good)


So like a good American citizen, I've decided to force music of my choice upon these young souls. To take up some time, when I had nothing left for my first class, I put on none other than Kanye West. They liked it. They even asked for his name, which I proudly wrote on the board.

As you can see, not the best class ever.

Move onto #2. So the first class was pretty out of control. There were a few boys that were just not cooperating. I threatened them. But I also kind of appreciated their craziness because it took up time. Which made me unsure of #2, because they were just quiet. At one point an entire table full of boys had their heads down. Whatev. I didn't get mad.

This class was meh. I took longer with my lesson and only fumbled around at the end for a few minutes.

The third class was my absolute favorite. They understood me better and participated and even joked around with me. It was because of this they got to hear my Yoda impression. If you haven't heard it, you should (one day). They LOVED it.

Best part was after I showcased my talent, one boy pointed out another boy and said, "He is ET!".

I looked at the boy he was pointing to.

He did, in fact, look exactly like ET. I'm not even joking. I will someday document this child so that you can see how serious and right I am.

So there, in front of the class, I burst out laughing. And then I google an image of ET and put it on the projector, so everyone could compare.

And then another kid at that same table: identical to a monkey.

I got ET and a chimpanzee in one class. I love it. Best.class.ever.

The last class was eh. It was a lower level and the Korean coteacher for that class stayed in the room the whole time, so the kids were really well behaved. They didn't really understand me. But I did make the lesson last the whole time.

Oh and so I had each boy stand up and introduce himself (do I remember any of them? no) and this makes its way around to a boy who had fallen asleep. Not a big deal to me. The kid next to him pokes him awake and so I just say "Good morning!". The class laughs. The kid says his name. But then the Korean teacher pulls him outside...and I'm pretty sure he took a beating. Poor kid.

As you can see, I have loads to learn about this whole teaching business. But I'm on my way.

(ps any suggestions would be appreciated/loved)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Says the Cake

I bought myself these little cake treat things. I liken them unto Little Debbies or something of the sort.

I didn't necessarily buy them because I thought they'd be super good.

I bought them because of what it says on the box:

(The following is a direct quote)

"You know that sweet things make smile.
We love to see you smile with your people.
So just taste this cake"

I couldn't have said it better myself.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

So what Suwon?

Warning: contains more pictures than usual. And is kind of long anyways.

Today I explored a little fortress built in the late 18th century. It's called Hwaseong Fortress and its basically, well, a fortress. The outside wall is a little more than 3.5 miles long, and I'm pretty sure I walked up at least 200 steps to get to the top portion of the wall. Intense.

As for a little history on this, which I'm sure you're all dying to know (and which Wikipedia is very helpful), it was built (maybe a better word would be commissioned) by King Jeongjo to honor and provide a resting place for the remains of his father. You see, his dad-Prince Sado-was murdered by being locked alive inside a rice chest by his dad King Yeongjo after refusing to commit suicide. Yeah, messed up. I knew I'd like it from the beginning.

So first off, I took the subway then the bus to get to the start of this place. Of course I got on the bus at the wrong spot and almost rode it its entire course before I got to my stopping place. No big.

This is what you see when you get off the bus:

Pretty cool, eh? It's what we call the South Gate. At first this is all you see. I overheard some other guys say "is this it? not cool". I agreed, but I knew there was more. I soon found it. When I say 'it', I mean I found the bottom of the staircase from hell. Ugh. But I made it to the top. Then essentially you just walk around the outskirts of the wall and run into different structures on your way. It was definitely cool.

This is one of those structures. This one had a bell in it.

This is me preparing to ring that bell. Ok JK JK guys. I couldn't really ring the bell. But I pretended. Also, be in admiration of my self-timing skills. No shame.

This little guy is the highest up point around the wall. It was also the most popular. There was a pretty phenomenal view from up there. Also, who knew that you're not even supposed to wear shoes in these? Awesome.

I don't know if its because of the holiday going on or what, but I saw a ton of traditionally dressed people today. This little girl looked super cute. And don't be surprised if you see me sporting one of these dresses when I get back.

There was a forest? on the other side of the wall for awhile. I wandered around a bit.

I wouldn't say I got lost, but I definitely didn't know where I was for awhile. It was like a maze.

Another self-timer shot. I would've made a great warrior. Kind of like Mulan, only Korean. Or white.

This is a ground view of the that top little guy.

So yeah. Good day.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Failed Attempt

When I mentioned to my COT that I went and saw Fame!, first she seem confused (disappointed?) that I saw it by myself. Which, lets be honest, I've done a billion times before and I don't see anything wrong with going to a movie alone. But then she got excited! She wouldn't stop talking about how she wants to see it because she loves movies with dancing and singing (she even elaborated on her crush on Patrick Swayze (rip) from watching Dirty Dancing as a teenager). This probably means I'll end up seeing it again with her, just because she was so excited.

That was not my failed attempt. This was:

My failed attempt was a sad event to take place. I had received an event invite for a gathering for English teachers around my city via FB. There was a plan to grab some dinner and then hit up a local bar (awesome for me...not really.) I had committed and I was excited-I mean, I was ready to make a friend here. Needless to say, I was late to the station we were meeting at. And then when I went to try and find the restaurant that had been prearranged, I couldn't. I'm so lame.

I'd like to blame the guy who delivered my promised appliances for my tardiness (it was like Christmas-he brought me a microwave, a vacuum, an iron, and a rice cooker!). He was supposed to get here at 5, but he was late. And then for some reason he felt compelled to explain to me how to use a vacuum. Which was sweet, but somewhat unnecessary.

So what really happened was me going to a city nearby only to be greeted by no one and then wandering around its downtown for about 45 minutes looking for this restaurant. It was a pretty intense downtown, though, so I didn't mind. What a sad story.

Not to be too downtrodden, I decided to reward my efforts with a treat or two from my neighborhood Donut Donut shop.

(I was so excited to go I even showered. Ugh. Which, PS, I've already failed at doing that everyday. Oops?)

(Also, the donuts weren't that good. What a night...
good thing Arrested Development eased my sorrows)