Friday, October 2, 2009

Failed Attempt

When I mentioned to my COT that I went and saw Fame!, first she seem confused (disappointed?) that I saw it by myself. Which, lets be honest, I've done a billion times before and I don't see anything wrong with going to a movie alone. But then she got excited! She wouldn't stop talking about how she wants to see it because she loves movies with dancing and singing (she even elaborated on her crush on Patrick Swayze (rip) from watching Dirty Dancing as a teenager). This probably means I'll end up seeing it again with her, just because she was so excited.

That was not my failed attempt. This was:

My failed attempt was a sad event to take place. I had received an event invite for a gathering for English teachers around my city via FB. There was a plan to grab some dinner and then hit up a local bar (awesome for me...not really.) I had committed and I was excited-I mean, I was ready to make a friend here. Needless to say, I was late to the station we were meeting at. And then when I went to try and find the restaurant that had been prearranged, I couldn't. I'm so lame.

I'd like to blame the guy who delivered my promised appliances for my tardiness (it was like Christmas-he brought me a microwave, a vacuum, an iron, and a rice cooker!). He was supposed to get here at 5, but he was late. And then for some reason he felt compelled to explain to me how to use a vacuum. Which was sweet, but somewhat unnecessary.

So what really happened was me going to a city nearby only to be greeted by no one and then wandering around its downtown for about 45 minutes looking for this restaurant. It was a pretty intense downtown, though, so I didn't mind. What a sad story.

Not to be too downtrodden, I decided to reward my efforts with a treat or two from my neighborhood Donut Donut shop.

(I was so excited to go I even showered. Ugh. Which, PS, I've already failed at doing that everyday. Oops?)

(Also, the donuts weren't that good. What a night...
good thing Arrested Development eased my sorrows)

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San Ba Po said...

awww... stupid late appliance guy. I am sorry that you missed it, but i am sure they'll do it again with all the english teacher. I am sure they all would love you. Hang in there~!! did you try netflix yet?