Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I'm a teacher...kinda

So. Big things are happening over here.

(Other than me getting excited about cake boxes.)

I taught today!

It was definitely interesting.

It started with my first class, which didn't go so well. My planned lesson for sure only got me a little past half way so the rest of the time in class was total improv. At one point I envisioned myself as Jerry Seinfeld doing stand up-I was that funny. But nobody really understood how funny I was, which was disappointing. So I started asking the boys about whether or not they liked American music. They threw out a few names of bands (like Green Day? and Boys Like Girls? Where are they getting this garbage!?). There was also mention of the Korean pop girl group Wonder Girls:

(I couldn't make up stuff this good)


So like a good American citizen, I've decided to force music of my choice upon these young souls. To take up some time, when I had nothing left for my first class, I put on none other than Kanye West. They liked it. They even asked for his name, which I proudly wrote on the board.

As you can see, not the best class ever.

Move onto #2. So the first class was pretty out of control. There were a few boys that were just not cooperating. I threatened them. But I also kind of appreciated their craziness because it took up time. Which made me unsure of #2, because they were just quiet. At one point an entire table full of boys had their heads down. Whatev. I didn't get mad.

This class was meh. I took longer with my lesson and only fumbled around at the end for a few minutes.

The third class was my absolute favorite. They understood me better and participated and even joked around with me. It was because of this they got to hear my Yoda impression. If you haven't heard it, you should (one day). They LOVED it.

Best part was after I showcased my talent, one boy pointed out another boy and said, "He is ET!".

I looked at the boy he was pointing to.

He did, in fact, look exactly like ET. I'm not even joking. I will someday document this child so that you can see how serious and right I am.

So there, in front of the class, I burst out laughing. And then I google an image of ET and put it on the projector, so everyone could compare.

And then another kid at that same table: identical to a monkey.

I got ET and a chimpanzee in one class. I love it. Best.class.ever.

The last class was eh. It was a lower level and the Korean coteacher for that class stayed in the room the whole time, so the kids were really well behaved. They didn't really understand me. But I did make the lesson last the whole time.

Oh and so I had each boy stand up and introduce himself (do I remember any of them? no) and this makes its way around to a boy who had fallen asleep. Not a big deal to me. The kid next to him pokes him awake and so I just say "Good morning!". The class laughs. The kid says his name. But then the Korean teacher pulls him outside...and I'm pretty sure he took a beating. Poor kid.

As you can see, I have loads to learn about this whole teaching business. But I'm on my way.

(ps any suggestions would be appreciated/loved)


Anonymous said...

Don't you love the Wonder Girls?! I'm glad you found them ;)

Ben said...

Wow your first class. With ET AND CHIMPS?? Foreal. That's great Cinder. Psh. That was the sound effect you make after we say your superhero name. But awesom-o. I'm really stoked to hear about your adventures. I'm surprised nobody recognized Kanye's name. Maybe if you would have spelled it out as d-o-u-c-h-e and t-u-r-d they would've caught on.

Four more days til the MCAT back. Wish me luck and giggles!

San Ba Po said...

HAHAHA, Wonder Girls~! Cindy, i think you are a wonderful English teacher, and I am sure your kids are loving the Kanye West lectures.

Teach them american music? pop, country, rap, everything.


Jill said...

There are two many things to list about what I love about that music video, so here are just a few thoughts:
1. I love their style.
2. I love their moves.
3. They are like 12. They shouldn't have that style or those moves yet. Except for the one girl that had the last solo with the deeper voice that looked 17ish.
4. Is it a common problem for creeper flashers to hide out in lockers in Korea?
5. Was "Tell Me" the only English phrase they used? Because I understood nothing else.
6. You should tell them about Honks.

Neoteric Warrior said...

I'm not sure putting a picture of ET on the projector and comparing it to a student was the best thing to do. He could have gone home and cried for hours. Some things are better laughed at in private. Poor ET kid.

Katie Fitches said...

hahahahahhaahahahahha i wanted to stop watching that video so bad but i couldn't, what if something amazing happened at the end and i didn't see it? i was let down....

i CAN NOT BELIEVE you put a picture of ET on the projector! hahahahhahahaha and then a chimp? hahahahahahahaa i really couldn't stop laughing about this!


Kari Jo said...

Pretty much awesomeness for your first day....went so much better than mine when they could have cared less about what I was doing. Ha! Bring in some board or card games to spice things up and keep their interest, especially if you can throw in words or phrases they have to use :)

LT said...

Teaching English--I'm just so proud! Now you know why I don't teach middleschool...