Monday, October 26, 2009

Korean Child Prodigy

I've been trying to get a bank account open here for awhile. I've asked COT time and time again and finally last week I got her to take notice.

It was after school. I was at my computer. She was at hers. A couple days before she had mentioned that the bank closes at 4 pm everyday.

It was 3:13 pm. I had to work fast. I nonchalantly said it would be the perfect time to go open up my bank account.

She agreed. Only she had no intentions of actually coming.

She looked to the Korean Child Prodigy.

He was in our office cleaning and as soon as she asked him, he looked nervous. Yes, she had pawned off going to the bank. And she had pawned it off on a 13 year old student.

Is it just me or would that never happen back home?

So KCP and I walk around the corner from the school to the bank. We get to the teller. KCP is nervous. He explains what needs to happen (in Korean). And then he turns to me and says I need a paper from the school verifying my employment. So we call up to COT on the phone and she tells KCP to RUN back to school to pick up the paper. I had no idea what was going on, naturally, but next thing I know is he's gone, running back to the school, and I'm waiting at the bank. It was such a process.

And poor KCP. I mean, these kids do anything their teachers tell them to do. I would've never fit in here growing up.

It worked though. I now have a Korean bank account. Weird, eh?

Also, KCP and I have discussed the following topics:
-The difference between Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt. (the kids are pretty good at US Presidents here. Which is sad, because I don't know the current president of Korea)
-The Korean War
-How the 'Sea of Japan' is not really the 'Sea of Japan', but the 'East Sea' (apparently Japan calls it the former, and Korea calls it the later)
-How Eminem songs have good beats but bad messages (this was mostly him. Me and a couple other Korean kids were rocking out to it)

This kid means business. I get more nervous when he comes up to talk to me than when I'm teaching a class. I just wish he'd want to talk to me about Yugioh or Spiderman. Now those are topics I can get behind.

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Viva la Varner said...

This kid is my funny.