Friday, October 9, 2009

My Korean laundry soap smells nice

And other random thoughts from this week.

-So since I dressed like such a hussy on Wednesday, I made sure to be extra modest on Thursday. I even wore a zip up hoodie just in case. And no headband. Mrs. Kim approved of my ensemble, which I was grateful for, because Thursday happened to be our faculty picture day! Boo.yah.

I wish you all could've seen how awesome this experience was for me. All us teachers went outside (keep in mind this means no teachers inside with students-yeah. poorly timed photo session in my opinion) and did the typical class photo. To say that I stood out among the 40 or so other teachers would be an understatement. I seriously hope I get a copy. It needs to be shared with the world.

-Today I had my first inappropriate comment in class!! Do not read further if you get uncomfortable easy (which, if you do, I am surprised you are my friend. And if you are a relative you have no choice).

I walk into my last class of the day and I can tell its going to be a wild ride. This middle table of boys is especially rambunctious. As I am about to start my lesson, one of these middle table boys randomly says to me, "My dog is named Penis".

Wait? Did he really just say that?

Yes. Yes he did.

Inside I was laughing. A lot. He was obviously saying this to get a reaction from me.
So I did not give him what he wanted. Lets not forget how good I am at keeping a straight face. I simply looked away and began my lesson. But really. That's funny.

-The other day I watched a video about how famous people are getting the swine flu and blah blah blah. I wouldn't normally watch this video, except CNN is very good at what they do and put the headline as "Backstreet Boy and other celebrities get the swine flu" (or something like that). I have a strict code to watch/listen/read anything regarding BSB. Turns out Brian Lattrell looks like a pansy when he gets sick (they showed a clip he put on youtube apologizing for not being able to go to some appearance. boring). Anyways, he looked gross.

Naturally, this means Brian Lattrell showed up in my dreams the following night. He looked like he did in the swine flu video. It was the worst BSB dream appearance I've ever had. Goo.

-No really, this laundry soap smells divine. And since the washing machine is all in Korean, I have no idea what cycle I put this load through.

-I'm working on two Beyonce dances: Sweet Dreams and, of course, Single Ladies. I'm going to be a hit at parties.

-I found out my inside shoes at school are actually shower shoes. I'm just one fashion faux pas after another. It doesn't really bother me, but COT says it sounds funny when I walk. Which is code for, "Get a new pair of inside shoes Cindy"

-This city has the best sunsets. Feels good to be in Korea.


San Ba Po said...

Penis always sounds funny coming out from foreigner's mouth.

Elizabeth said...

Oh you have got to get a copy of that faculty picture! Hehe.