Monday, October 19, 2009

No Photos

Yeah I'm not at home so I can't put my pics up. Tomorrow I finally have my ET/Chimp class again so I'm hoping I can work in a photo op. I know you're all dying to see it. And I'm dying to photograph it.

Along with that photo, you can hope to see the giant bruise on my leg from the whole shopping cart/basket walk home from last week. Seriously. I looked down at my leg the other day and there is a bruise the size of Cambodia.

And while I have your attention, I will tell you of the Korean boy prodigy who seems to linger around me and want to talk about subjects far more superior than what I teach in class (i.e. Michael Jackson). He is the boy who spoke to me regarding the European Union last week. I didn't understand what he was saying because I didn't realize these young ones could converse about such topics.

You see, at my school the boys are required to clean the classrooms. Today boy prodigy, along with a few others, was assigned to teach my office/classroom area. This meant he was around me for an extended period of time.

At first he brought up Star Wars (he knows how to get to my heart) and I was excited: this was something I could talk about! But then he changed topics suddenly to what one of his Korean teachers talks about. Oh, wait, it wasn't that sudden. He mentioned that he called this teacher Jedi.

He begins: "My Korean teacher (Jedi)...he speaks of heavy subjects"

Me: (What? Did he just say heavy subjects?) "Oh yeah? During class?"

Him: "No, usually during the ten minutes before or after"

Me: (so this kid stays to learn. i love it) "Wow, that is cool"

Him: "He talked about Barack Obama. What is happening with Obama?"

Me: (Can we please talk about Star Wars some more?) "Oh yeah. Obama. He's the President. Many people were very excited when he was elected. But now there are many who are not (I didn't know how much detail this kid was expecting). How do Koreans like him?"

Him: "He is better than Bush!" (the most excited I've ever heard him)

Me: "Hahaha. Yeah-I hear that a lot"


I don't know what else to say to this one. Remind me to brush up on world affairs just in case I run into him.

But really, I love it.

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D said...

This reminds me of the time you and I just sat around talking politics. Oh, wait. I mean sat around watching cheesy high school movies. Close though.