Tuesday, October 27, 2009

She's got Seoul

So one time I went to Seoul to see Beyonce.

Oh wait that was last week. And it was awesome.

Unfortunately, as we all know, taking pictures during concerts is hardly a worthwhile endeavor as the pictures always come out blurry and suck. And since I can't upload videos with my internets, these are all the proof I have.

Before the show started, we noticed there was some commotion going on in a different section. So naturally I had to go investigate. I found a nice boy who spoke some English and asked him. After asking a few other people, it turns out some Korean Idol star was there. I went down to get a closer look:

I'm not sure if I actually took a picture of the Korean Idol, but we can pretend.
Hey. Look! Korean Idol!

We were really excited to be in Seoul and we were even more excited to see Beyonce. She performed a ton of her new tracks as well as some throw back Destinys Child, which I loved. One of my favorite aspects of the show was that I was surrounded by hundreds of Koreans who don't speak English but who knew every word to every song. It really is impressive. And it created such a bond. Its like I was friends with every one of those Koreans.

Beyonce threw out some Korean (hello. and i love you) and the crowd loved it. She's so international. It was a solid show with a lot of dancing and hand waving and awesomness. A wild and crazy adventure. Worth every penny. Or won.
I also bought a concert tshirt. I never do that. But I will wear Beyonce with pride.

Since the concert got out a little late, and since the subway stops a little earlier than that, we had limited options for getting back to our city. We could've stayed overnight in Seoul and come back early the next day, but it was a school night. And we knew the likelihood of that actually happening was not high.

So we took a taxi. This taxi driver was crazy. I thought I had outgrown carsickness, but this guy brought it back. And get this: my friend Alex was sitting in the front seat and probably five minutes into the ride, he reaches over and takes her water bottle out of her hands and takes a swig. Whaaaatt? Is this socially acceptable? And then when we finally get to our destination he tries upping the price we had decided on before getting in the car. We didn't let that happen.

But wow. What a night.


Miss MyKelle J said...

Sounds like you had one crazy night! and O.M.G. I can't believe that you saw Korean Idol and GOT A PICTURE... pure amazingness :)

Ben said...

Welcohm koreeah Wok, take order pwee!

Is that what they sound like? You know, Koreans?

It's funny, cuz you went all the way to South Korea to see a black woman shake booty.

If you like it then you should have put a korean on it! Oh oh oH!