Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sneaky Sneak

Let me sneak in a quick post while I'm sitting here at my desk.

I have so many stories and random daily quirks about living here that I can't wait to get back to normal blogging. I'm seriously taking notes during my days so I don't forget what happens.

First things first:
It was a night of pure magical bliss.
Despite not getting a seat in the almost two hour subway ride. And having a punk taxi driver on the way home, it was simply phenom.

COT has turned a new leaf. She now plays random Korean music all.the.time. In our office. In the room next to our office. She just went in there with another teacher and I don't know whats going on. Maybe its a make-shift worship service. All I know is that if she keeps this up I'm going to start busting out BSB.

I still don't have internet at my place. The thing with COT is that you have to ask her about something at the precise moment she will actually listen to you, which is rare. I mean, I've asked her about things multiple times, and she hears me but she doesn't do anything. And then there comes a moment where it finally seems to hit her and she decides to help. Its very fun. Almost like a game.

A game that I hate and never want to play again.
(like the movie game with darren)

Yesterday at lunch I finished up my rice/soup/kimchi combo meal that I get every day and I went to put my tray away. Right as I stand up this random teacher man says something, and the rest of the teachers giggle and stare at me. Nice.

I asked COT what he said.
She translated as follows:
"He says he wants to fall into your eyes. He thinks they are very beautiful"


I'm soooo going to find an Asian man to love.

Thats not all, but its all for now. I also have stories about COT kidnapping me to her house to entertain her children and more on the Korean child prodigy. All great things.

Now go listen to some Beyonce!


San Ba Po said...

your COT sounds like she's chimecal imbalanced. mano pause??

Erin said...

Please tell me you are going to give us pics of Beyonce.

OK, awesome story. My word verification: Reshi. Chris used to work at NuSkin, and they have a product called Reshi Max. It's something about mushrooms and your immune system. Anyway, one day he was talking to this Asian man (and let's say he was Korean, for sake of the story) with a very thick accent and a lot to say. He ordered some Reshi Max, then asked Chris if he knew what Reshi Max did. Chris said, "Oh, it's supposed to boost your immune system," or something, and this man said, "No. Cures cancer." Then told him this incredible story about a woman who took Reshi Max when she had cancer, then went back to the doctor, "Cancer gone." So that was a long enough comment that I kind of feel weird about it. Come leave me a really long one, ok?

Viva la Varner said...

Oh my how your life never ceases to ammuse me. I LOVE reading your blog...I always laugh out loud, but hey that always happens with you. Anyway good luck over there...and I totally support you finding a Korean manlove...your kids would be so cute!!!!

Miss MyKelle J said...

I feel as though i am drowning in the depths of your beautiful eyes.