Monday, November 23, 2009

Birthday Love

I might have the best family in the world.

Scratch that.

I definitely have the best family in the world.

They sent me two birthday packages of love. And love did overflow from them.

So happy.

My spoils. It includes cake, popcorn, candy!, like 10 Reeces peanut butter cups, crazy straws, yarn and knitting needles (booyah) and peanut butter. Oh thank heaven for peanut butter.

I eat peanut butter on everything now. Currently (at this exact moment) it is a topping for my Hershey kisses. But like I told my parents, I'm trying to ration it so it lasts longer.

So this is a shout out to you family. Thank you a bijillion times!

(PS For a late birthday present, I would like you to get rid of the cats/dogs by the time I get home-thanks!)

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