Monday, November 23, 2009


Today ended poorly, but there were some gems strewn throughout the day:

-Sometimes I arm wrestle the boys. It gets them to shut up for a bit. Today I suffered my first loss to date. I'm not gonna lie. It was embarrassing. I became the loser. And so the whole class called me loser. Good thing I'm not still in middle school or my self esteem would have suffered. I went to talk to the winner a few minutes after it happened. He explained to me that he won because he was a young boy and I was an old woman. Ouch.

-I tried doing a lesson on slang vocabulary. It stemmed from the fact that the only greeting they know is "how are you" in which they reply "Fine, thank you, how are you?" every time, which is fine, but when I see them and I say "hows it going" and they look at me confused or answer "to class" I get sad for their English. So I taught them other greetings, and the words 'awesome', 'hanging out', and 'big mouth' (one kid was telling on other kids so I had a great example). During the 'hanging out' explanation I asked if anyone ever went out with girls. Two boys at the back table both have girlfriends and the rest of the class instantly pointed to them. Another boy told me wished he had a girlfriend. And one boy said it was too expensive to have a girlfriend. So then I asked the two boys in the back if it was expensive and one responded that his girlfriend gave him money. So then I taught them the words "sugar momma". Very educational.

-The two who have girlfriends and I also had a great conversation about hip-hop music because one was wearing a pin that said "I love hip hop". Awesome. Their favorite artists? Tupac, Nas, Snoop Dogg (which was real hard to understand the first time), and DMX. Then I told the class that if they want a girlfriend, they should listen to hip-hop. Makes sense, right?

-I asked them how long they had been dating their girlfriends. One said 30 days. One said 432 days.

-I told a kid to shut up in front of the class. It might have been a mistake.

-I'm going to watch some football tonight with friends I haven't met yet.

Just another day in middle school.

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