Thursday, November 5, 2009

Korean Love

Of all the cookies and treats I've had here, I'm pretty sure these are my favorite. Do you remember those small koala cookies that were in the hexagon box and they had chocolate inside of them? These remind me of those. And I'm obsessed with them. I probably have a box every other day. Go ahead and judge me. I will hold onto these treasures from heaven. I mostly enjoy the pictures they put on each of the cookies: umbrellas, gloves, hearts, and a spatula, among other things.

Also, in some of my classes I've been teaching a review on the body. The boys know most of the basic body parts but I've been shaking it up with words like "bellybutton", "palm" and the personal fave "armpit".

Interjection: Before I came here I read about how I should bring a year supply of deodorant because they don't really wear it. I wasn't sure about it, but I followed these instructions and have like 4 sticks waiting to be used. Anyways, the amazing thing is its true. They don't wear deodorant. And they don't smell. Seriously, even on the subway, there is hardly ever a hint of BO. How does an entire population get away with this? I'm amazed.

During class when I got to armpit, the boys all laughed and would yell out words like smelly. Or hairy. In one class there was a boy who asked his table if they had armpit hair. Three of the six boys raised their hands. So funny.

We played Simon Says and then I had them draw a picture using the word of the body part to make the outline of the drawing. If that makes sense. Some of them were surprisingly good- better than I can do when I'm really trying. And of course a unit on the body wouldn't be complete without a few boys making sure they draw/label EVERY body part. I couldn't hang those drawing on the wall.

This one was just random to me. Why did the kid write "I'm dirty" in the middle of his drawing?

I don't know. But I like it.


Jill said...

Yes! Those koala cookies are delish! I found them at a store called WikiWiki (which I loved just the name of) in Hawaii. And the best part was how they put pics of various sports on them. I think badminton was my fave.

Also, this post was quite successful at waking me up in here my tax class, where I was falling asleep mere minutes ago.

Jill said...

So what I'm saying is, thank you.

Erin said...

That picture is awesome, and I'm really excited that the cookies have pictures of things like gloves and spatulas on them. Thouse sound like my kind of cookies.