Sunday, November 1, 2009

No longer (as) pathetic

But still kinda pathetic.

I ventured into the city on Friday night for a magical viewing of the Michael Jackson movie This Is It.


Would you be mad if I said that I LOVED it?! I was entertained the whole time and I felt like MJ and I really got to know each other better. Really though. He seemed like a nice guy. And I was tapping my toes the entire time because who doesn't love a good MJ song?

My favorite part was when he talked about how we need to save the planet. Legit.

My only question is how did Kenny Ortega get such a big deal in life? One minute he's working on Hocus Pocus and HSM and then the next he's being BFF with MJ. Which was also entertaining for me. Because MJ would suggest something and immediately Ortega was all like "yeah MJ I was thinking the same thing" because really, who would disagree with MJ?

Also this weekend they've been playing random action/suspense movies on TV here. Against my better judgment, I wasted hours watching Transporter 1 and 2. Those movies suck.

Anyways, RIP MJ. RIP.

And a random photo of me and some Koreans.

potential suitors?

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Erin said...

More like required suitors.

Also, I watched Hocus Pocus on Halloween. Also, I sort of love the Transporter 1, but not 2 as much. Too hokey.

Also, I really want to see This Is It.