Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Sorry I've been so boring lately. With the flu and then my lack of preparedness for class, I've felt like my time has been sucked out of me.

Lucky for you, I'm feeling better and I'm ready for some more adventures. Well, pretty much everything I do here is some kind of adventure. But you know what I mean.

I also am now excited to bring you regular blog posts from my bed. Yes, I've upgraded from the drying room corner to real internet access that I can get from anywhere in my apartment. Booyah. It took me long enough. I'm still waiting on a phone but I feel like COT and I have made some progress there so I'll take it.


The other day at the palace we visited in Seoul, there was a time travel machine wherein I went back in time and culture and became a Korean hair model.

Here are photos from that epic trip.


As you can see, there is good reason for me not being born Korean 200 years ago. There's no way I would've been able to wear that business for longer than 30 seconds. But I did enjoy it for that 30 seconds, as did the crowd of Korean women who stood around and watched my transformation.


Neoteric Warrior said...

EPIC! I miss and love you Cindy! I almost want to go there just to give you a hug. I will be root in your honor this Saturday in Wyoming where I will be in the Cowboy section of the stadium but just close enough to BYU territory in the event of a riot cheering on your beloved Cougars.

And P.S. The Transporter movies Rock.

Love ya!


Neoteric Warrior said...