Tuesday, December 22, 2009


in direct relation to my wake-up call fire drill, i slept in and neglected to take a shower. this meant hair was back and my forehead was exposed, in all its glory.

it must've been the first time my tuesday classes saw me like this because the first thing a student said when i walked in was (pointing to his forehead)
"wow, teacher, very big!"

thank you, child. thank you.


saturday night i went up to seoul to see a performance of handel's messiah. it was beautiful and the best thing to get me more in the christmas spirit.


i took the metro back home and about 7 stops from my city, i heard some american voices. i looked down the train and was surprised to see a couple of my friends on their way home from drinking. it was so random! i only say they were drinking because of the following reasons:
1. they went to this bar crawl where you had to dress up like an animal. so, they were wearing animal outfits. they definitely got some good looks.
2. the moment we made eye contact they screamed my name and ran towards me. more looks.
3. they told stories of how our other friend had vomited on the metro earlier. made me sad i wasn't there.
4. when we got back to our city, one girl and i decided to taxi it home, because it was cold and because we live real close to each other.
a. it was snowing at this moment in time
b. there was a limited number of taxi's working because apparently they get scared of snow
5. we asked one taxi driver to take us home. he said no. we needed to walk.
a. friend then yelled at him in a drunken rage for a few minutes until i got her to walk away
6. i convinced her that we should start walking home and we could find a taxi on our way
a. she decided that wasn't her favorite option, so after about a minute of walking, she stopped a car and asked the driver if he would drive us home.
i. random stranger korean man drove us home that night.


i started reading harry potter for the first time. so far, so good.


COT still scares me a little bit, but I think our relationship has gotten better. she did give me some free samples from her husbands mary-kay like cosmetic company. and i did share some american (read: herseys) candy with her...


yesterday i paid my bills, did laundry, went to the gym, did the dishes, watched some seinfeld, and wondered when i became a boring grown-up.


go cougs!


Ben said...

You are just now starting Harry Potter. I feel so happy for you now, Cinder. (Read: fireball sound effect).

Annie OH! said...

Cindilicious! I just wanted to wish you a merry Korean Christmas!!! I think it is cool you are there. Seeya -Annie OH!