Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Cheer

I'll be honest. It was a little strange not being home/in the country for Christmas. I missed my family and our traditions, but despite these differences, it was still pretty rockin'. I went up and stayed with some friends in Seoul and we had a couple dance parties, good food, and good times.

I had a few students come in with little Christmas goodies and that also made my life a little better.

The one I got today might be my most interesting gift ever.

Yes, I know. I should make movies professionally. I'm considering it.

Oh, and that thing they call the eye? Not an eye. It is, in fact, a beak. I had no idea squids had beaks. You can google that, but its gross. I don't recommend it. But I do know you're not supposed to eat it.

(I can relate to that kid though. Sometimes I eat things I know I shouldn't. Just because I can. And before I started recording he said he wanted the whole squid, and he pointed to his gut. And that right there made me think we were kindred spirits)

As you can tell, the kids loved that I shared. If only they knew I wanted to share because the smell was grossing me out.

I think I like the kid who brought me a candy bar better.


Jihyei said...

Just for the record, Koreans do eat the "eye." Obviously not the beak itself, but the "fleshy" parts around it. Merry belated Christmas! I hope you have a happy new year. Do try and get some dduk gook or 떡국--it's what Koreans eat on New Year's day. You supposedly don't get a year older unless you have a bowl. Each bowl signifies a year, so if you have more than one, it means you become more than one year older.

Jill said...

So does that mean if I want to stay the same age I just don't eat any dduk gook?