Sunday, December 6, 2009

Dominic. Take 2.

A lot of you already know this story.

In second grade I had a crush on a boy named Dominic. Dominic and I were in the same class and he was super cute. He's probably the first crush I can remember having. I mean, there was the boy in preschool that I used to kiss all the time (shout out to Matt!) but I'm pretty sure that was purely physical.

Dominic was not only cute, but just so nice.

So naturally, we did what most second graders in love would do: chase each other around the playground.

This was all fine and dandy until one day during the chase, as I was coming around the corner of the field into the playground area, Dominic seemingly vanished. Not a second later I spotted him laying down in the sandbox (more like pebbles) so I walked up and sat down next to him. I began to cover him in these little rocks. I put them on his feet and hands and head....and ear.

Recess ended. I ran into class.

After class had started, I looked around and saw that Dominic was nowhere to be found!

A moment later my teacher called me up to her desk. She asked me if I put rocks in Dominic's ear.

Next thing I know, I'm on my way to the principals office.

Turns out my playful second grade flirtations had led to a problem. The rocks I *gently put* on Dom's head/in his ear had become stuck in his ear canal. His mother had to be called and he had to be taken to the doctors office to get the rocks vacuumed out.


Needless to say, that basically ended the love affair between Dominic and I, despite the fact that we continued going to the same school through high school. Things were never the same.

All of this leads up to one of my first teaching days here in Korea. I was going around having each student stand up and tell me his name. When I got to the boy who said his English name was Dominic I began to chuckle. Second grade memories started flowing back and I knew I was going to like this kid.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago. Korean Child Prodigy has made himself scarce in my office, sadly, but right about the time he stopped coming, Dominic began to make surprise visits to my office after school. Mostly he got nervous and would say hi and then walk away.

It all ended one day two weeks ago when he came in and we talked about how he loves the American show "Big Bang Theory", which I've never actually watched but I've heard its funny. I told him this, and he pulled out his little mini game system/TV and began playing an episode.


Then last week.

It was Monday. I had gotten up late that day and felt pretty blah. Until after school, when Dominic and one of my coteachers (not COT) came into my office. Dominic then explained to me that one of his friends dads had gone to the USA for business and he brought back some hot chocolate-Swiss Miss to be exact.

Dominic then proceeded to pull the packet of hot chocolate out of his pocket and told me that I could have it, because I probably missed home.

Is that not the most darling thing you've ever heard?

I told him that I couldn't take his hot chocolate! He had never tried it and I had. It just didn't make sense. We compromised and decided to share it. He was prepared and got out his bottle of hot water and we mixed it up. I took the first sip, and yeah: Swiss Miss is good stuff. Hot chocolate here in Korea just isn't that great.

Then Dominic took a sip. His eyes lit up and he tasted the power of sugar and you could tell he just loved it. And I loved seeing him love it.

It was what most would call a 'precious moment'. In fact, if I could have Precious Moments customize a figurine, it would be me and a small Korean boy sharing hot chocolate. You know, kinda like this:

I know, cute, right?

The next day I brought him some American candy my parents sent me. Just as a kind of thank you.

Two hours later he walks into my office with a Korean juice drink. This gift giving will never end! And for the last half hour of my day, Dominic and I talked about his family, tv shows, and music (which included him singing a lovely rendition of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"-yeah I know-it was a defining moment of my life. His voice was so sweet).

I live for these bonding moments with the kids.

I love Korea.


Erik said...

He REALLY sang over the rainbow? And was the juice good? Cindy? Did you really make out with a kid in preschool!?:( (just like you)

Momma Elk said...

I'M IN LOVE WITH HIM!! That reminds me of my Pryce that told me he purposely doesn't do his homework so that he has to stay in from recess because that means he has to stay with me.

Kristalyn said...

That is so sweet that he thought to share the hot chocolate with you 'cuz he figured you probably missed it. Those kids you teach sound pretty special!

Sarah Moeck said...

I love you!! I was laughing but crying at the same time when I read this... so pathetic of me I know but hey what are you gonna do? That's adorable of him AND You.

Sarah Moeck said...

Um... and I love the first dominic story. You were nice to boys! I just kicked them a lot...

Viva la Varner said...

This warms my heart! How better be writing these things in your journal. Share the Cindy love!

kamille said...

aww i think i almost shed a tear! what a sweet story!