Monday, December 21, 2009

Fire Alarm

The buzzing seems to get louder and louder as I turn over in my bed and fumble for my phone.

The numbers light up as soon as I push a button. 5:23 am.


At first I'm a little dazed as to what is happening. It's too early and my level of functioning is low.

Then, in a moment of inspiration, I realize that the sound is my buildings fire alarm.


My first reaction: put on pants

My second reaction: pack my laptop in my purse in case the building goes up in flames.

Once I put my laptop in my purse, however, I figured out I was probably jumping the gun. I decided to do some investigative work to see if I should jump this conclusion. I looked out the window to see if the rest of the tenants were gathering. There were none.

So then I looked into the hallway. The alarm was flashing and beeping and I hated it. But I did not see one person leave their apartment.

I went back to the window. Two women had made their way down there. They then proceeded to have a conversation with the guy next door to me through his window, and soon they were back inside and into their apartment. I figured it must not be that serious.

I go back to my front door. I peek into the hallway and see another girl doing the same. Then, a man comes down looking classy in his pajama pants. He walks up to the alarm and hits it a few times. The red cover over the flashing light falls to the ground. The man then hits it again, ensuring the demise of the alarm.

It would've been better if the man had destroyed the alarms on the other two floors too.

So I went back into my room and put my computer back in its rightful spot. I jumped back into bed and hid under my covers, listening to the noises around me at 5:30 am. The alarm continued for awhile longer, until (I'm guessing) the building manager came to turn it off.

It was a rough morning.

And I'm pretty sure if there were to be a real fire, everyone in my building would die.

the end

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