Sunday, December 27, 2009


(Merry Christmas friends!!)


A couple of my friends and fellow English teachers mentioned a few weeks back about how some of their students had told them that Santa had died. We tried figuring out where this lie came from; maybe the students were told this to encourage less requests for gifts, or maybe it was just some random kid trying to make us Westerners believe something wack. Either way, we all agreed it was sad.

I mean, Santa can't be dead. He has a job to do.

So last week in one of my classes, I was spreading some Christmas cheer by throwing out candy to my students, and I nonchalantly asked if they had Santa Claus in Korea.

There were a couple students who said yes, but then there were a couple students who exclaimed: "Santa is dead!"

(I'm pretty sure every time someone says that, a reindeer loses an antler)

Since my students are older than my friends students, I figured I could try asking them where this absurd information comes from.

None other than Korean Child Prodigy comes to my rescue.

According to KCP, my most reliable source,
Santa Claus was killed
in the Korean war in September 1950.

North Korea ruins everything!

I was so shocked, so appalled at this piece of information, that a couple of other students quickly came to my aid. They told me that some parents tell their kids Santa is dead so they don't ask for presents. They said most Koreans don't tell their kids Santa is dead.

Phew. I was about to get real sad.

***This is just a Korean lie. Santa is, in fact, still alive and using his vacation time in Portugal after a long yet successful Christmas.


blakecgriffin said...

Santa is Dead. He was shot down over Baghdad. That's what I heard on the Drudge Report at least.

D said...

One more reason why Korea is terrible.

Jill said...

I'm pretty sure the Santa Clause still applies though. Someone just needs to put on the suit and assume the responsibility. And if he gets put in jail for doing so, the E.L.F.S. team will break him out with tinsel. I'm not sure what the big deal is.