Sunday, December 20, 2009

Today I Really Miss:

My little bro's.

(I really like how Asian Erik looks in this picture. Legit.

We really like eating refreshing treats together.


Ninja Monkey said...

What about me???

Erin said...

I love your shower mishap. A couple years ago at a hotel in Florence we had an awesome bathroom where the bathroom was essentially the shower. And I may or may not have sat down and used the bathroom during my shower.

That school totally looks like what I picture Korea to look like.

Swan Lake is amazing, and I like the music best of all.

WV: endon. I'm pretty sure that's from Star Wars.

Neoteric Warrior said...

Ninja Monkey, I agree. What about us older Brothers?! I guess we don't make the cut :(``

Momma Elk said...

If I whine about not being featured do I get a post about you missing me too?