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Who is Ryan Toby?

Why, this is!

Don't recognize him?

How about now?

Yes, he is the one and only Ahmal James from the hit blockbuster sequel, Sister Act 2!

Fun fact: He wrote the hit song "Miami" for Will Smith

He was also in the group City High, who gave us this gem:

He is full of genius. Obviously.


Meg said…
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Another confession

(this isn't about the same subject matter as before)

A lot of the time when I meet people I feel like I know them from somewhere.

A good percentage of the time I realize the only way I know them is that they resemble one of the characters on the classic board game Guess Who?

Does this happen to anyone else?!?!

Recent Obsession Flair-ups

You know how there are some things that you love so much and you experience these things a ton but then after awhile they just seem to fade out? But then some time passes and you almost rediscover these things with new eyes and obsess over them again almost worse than the first time? This has recently happened to me with a few things. They include:
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Thats it.
PS: (Did you know?!) Thanks to Dare-bear-stare for helping me learn that my own Denver International Airport is the largest airport in the U.S. at 53 square miles! Props to Denver yet again!

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So once upon a time my friend Jeff and I made up our own little tradition. We called it "Friday Picture" and each Friday we would walk around campus and take a picture with the most awkward/awesome/unique looking individual we could find. It was something I looked forward to every week, and we would constantly surprise ourselves with the kind of people we'd see walking around BYU. A lot of weridos there.

One day we decided to meander through the library to see if there was anyone extra special for our Friday Picture.

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World, meet Take Home Chef Lookalike.

I saw him and I couldn't believe the similarities. The striking features. The blond, pointy hair. We even found some silverware to make the photo more true to life.

(The real Curtis Stone)

Try to tell me they don't look alike. Just try.

I think the best part of the story is that Jeff's girlfriend at the time (now wife) had dated Take Home Chef-a-like. And we didn't…