Friday, December 31, 2010

Cher voice

Singing Umbrella by Rihanna.

You're welcome.

Happy New Year!!

Thursday, December 30, 2010


No work today means blogging! It is about the only thing I have on my to-do list and I feel great about it. I hope you agree.

I love flying. I actually just love going to the airport, even if I'm not flying so
mewhere. There's something liberating about going somewhere else. To me, an airpla
ne is a magical machine that can transport us to a place that will change us. That is why I think I love traveling so much. These places, but more importantly the people who live there, are full of different ideas and customs and lifestyles that they almost force us to reassess what we believe and how we live. Then these seemingly stark contrasts can somehow transform into commonalities. To be able to connect with someone from such a different background from your own is one of my favorite things to do. It amazes me every time. It is one of my biggest sources of happiness.

2010 was a great year. Maybe one of my best yet. It was full of wonderful experiences,
unexpected friendships, and inspiring moments. I feel as though I got to know myself better than ever and allowed others to do the same.

2010 was also (here's where it connects, people) full of flying. I was on a plane
on 16 different occasions (about 9 trips total, a couple one ways) and it is also a reason to
celebrate. 16 times to just sit there and think. 16 times to take naps. 16 times to wonder
about the possibilities that lay before me and the things that have passed. I love it.

So here is my 2010 in review. Enjoy!
Beware-I got a little picture happy. But it really was just a great year!

Thanks 2010. You changed me.

2011-you have a lot to live up to. Don't suck.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Blizzarded In

There's a pretty significant blizzard happening outside my window right about now. Because of this snow, and the fact that I haven't gone shopping for food since returning from vacation, I had to do some pretty seriously scrounging around for dinner.

I've ended up with half frozen pizza and some mashed potatoes. It is rather delicious. I'm just bummed I don't have any milk to make some instant pudding. Sometimes life is hard!

And while I sit here, alone in my apartment, basking in the silence surrounding me, I can't help but reflect on how much I hate cats. They really do suck.

Don't get me wrong. I hate dogs just as much as the next guy (probably more, actually) but cats also require a certain level of abhorrence. Especially when they meow. OHHH how I despise them when they meow! And a cat in heat makes the worst sound known to mankind.

Pictures of cats that will make you hate them too:

You're welcome.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Post Vacation Blues and Ankles

This morning I was welcomed back from vacation as I went outside to scrape all the ice off my car. As I was moving from the drivers side of the front window to the passenger side, gravity plus ice equaled me sprawling all over the pavement in a matter of seconds. I spent the first half of my day wondering why the entire left side of my body was sore and then trying to forget about the intimate relationship I developed with the parking lot.

I think I sprained my ankle.

So then this entire afternoon I spent thinking about the other two times in my life I have sprained my ankle(s).

Story #1: We all remember that I have many brothers, and having them be brothers instead of sisters inspired many things in my life that weren’t normal for most little girls. Anyways, in our house there are 12 steps going from the hallway by the kitchen to the upstairs where all of our bedrooms are. When we were young children we loved jumping down the stairs. Loved it. We would do it all the time, seriously weakening the patch of wood at the bottom. Well, in the third grade I remember watching in awe as my brothers could clear all 12 steps. All of them! They jumped from the hallway upstairs to the bottom without any problems! I was in serious envy. And after prepping myself, saying that if they could do it I could do it, I slowly climbed up all 12 steps, determined to follow in my brothers footsteps. A few moments later, I sat on the fourth step up, crying in pain.

Not a winner.

It was also worse that I happened to do this just a couple days before our big third grade field trip for “Day on the Prairie” where we would set up teepees and learn about Indians. At least I got a walking stick. Also, not related, my Indian name back then was Falling Leaf. My current Indian name is Gambling Buffalo.

Story #2:

Fast forward to senior year of college. One night on a walk around town, a couple friends and I stumbled upon an abandoned shopping cart from the local grocery store. Naturally, in a town such as ours, with nothing much ever to do, we decided to use the cart for some good times. We took turns pushing each other around and then we made our way to one of our apartments. Good news: this apartment had a pretty legit underground parking lot, with the perfect angle going down for a grocery cart ride.

Note: I am easily influenced by others and I am also not very smart.

We were good at first. One would get in the cart and someone else would hold on to the cart as we ran down the cement. We didn’t want to build up too much speed as there was a cement wall not far from when the parking garage evened out. It was so much fun! But then I got in the cart. And I told my friend “No, no! You don’t need to hold on! I totally got this”

Bad idea.

I was pushed down the slope and instantly regretted my decision of abandonment. My speed increased and in a moment I was crashing straight into that cement wall.

I was sitting with my knees bent; my feet parallel with the cart, and this meant all the force of the collision went straight into my ankles.

Friends ran to my rescue, losing focus on the camera that would have documented this entire tragedy, and with fear that the backlash forced my head into the wall.

No no, my head was fine (physically). I was simply unable to get out of the cart because my ankles were roaring with pain. After a few moments to gather myself, I fell out of the cart and onto the ground.

Both ankles were sprained, making going up and down stairs very difficult.

I never learn.

(footage of story #2 is currently trying to be retrieved. Check back later)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Everyone's a little bit racist, sometimes

So this break I've had a lot of time to think.

But mostly I watched Law and Order during that time, so it wasn't super productive.

It was the UK version though, so it required a bit more attention than the standard SVU. Did you know they still wear wigs in court there?! Weird, but cool.

Anyways, I was looking at blog information the other day, trying to regain the strength and passion I once had for this blog. I meandered over to Google analytics and checked out my old numbers.

And the numbers say that most of you, my readers, are racist.

I'm sorry, its just what Google says, not me.

People ran away from this blog faster than I could say kimchi when I went off to teach for the year. I will admit I was a tad shocked to see such a drop in numbers.

But I get it. I'll stop talking about it. I promise to be funny again. It's a resolution. No more Asian stories for you, unless they're stereotypical Asian how my female Korean coteachers were the worst drivers in the world and once drove 100 feet down the wrong side of the road. Promise.

Also, Joyeux Noel! I made my first (and most delicious) Bûche de Noël!

I have to do stuff like this every once in a while to remind the world that I'm domestic.

Hope your holidays were fantastic!

Hap-hap-happy Holidays!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Angry Birds


It's a serious problem.

You see, I first made fun of my friend who was playing it. Thinking it was so lame. I mean, you propel birds in a slingshot to hit evil pigs that grin if they survive the level.

It is not that awesome in description.

But in actuality it is like crack cocaine. Once you start it you cannot stop it.

I played it so much in one day that when I went to bed at night I saw birds and stone bricks and felt sad about my life.

Good news is I'm almost done with the game.

Bad news is I'm almost done with the game.

The bomb ones are my favorite.

Monday, December 6, 2010


So there's this kid at church who, I'll be honest, I've never had a real conversation with. He seems like a lovely young man and just super nice. But there is one thing I would like to know.

Does he have alopecia? I can't just bring it up, can I?

I am fascinated by this kid's lack of hair on a weekly basis. His head is so shiny and his absence of eyebrows just makes me want to run my fingers over his face.

I think of Stan Sitwell from Arrested Development every week, too. And his various eyebrows for different occasions. Which, if I had alopecia, I would totally do.

Also, did you know some animals have alopecia?

(warning: these pictures are hard to look at but also hard to look away from)

First up: a monkey

And secondly: i'll give you a dollar if you can guess what this one is

You are welcome! Happy Monday

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tough Lover

I just need to say it:

Stanley Tucci is maybe my most favorite actor. Ever.

Also, and not surprisingly, I'm attracted to him, even with (because of?) that beautiful mustache.

Cam isn't bad either.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

its Burlesque!

OKkk so a lot on my little mind right now. In one giant random HEAP!

First off, I'm sorry to anyone who hears me when I unconsciously slip into my ghetto talk. I just said something aloud and I didn't know where it came from.

B. I decided I'd pregame for Thanksgiving by eating a significant amount of food this evening. Just expanding my stomach. Nbd. I won't be sorry tomorrow.

III. Roommates are all gone. This is great for several reasons. I can practice dancing in my living room, I don't have to hide in my room, and I don't have to wake up and run to the bathroom only to find that the person before me left a deuce without flushing. This really happened this morning, ps. It made me angrier than when I found all my laundry detergent had been not me. geh.

4. I SAW BURLESQUE TONIGHT AND IT WAS SO GOOD! And I'm not just saying that because I abnormally love Cher. It was so entertaining. But it did give me some new material to work on with my Cher impression.

4A. This leads me to my next subpoint: My Cher impression. I need to get practicing so I can audition to work on a cruise ship/in Las Vegas/with drag queens. Therefore my request from you, the readers (and it is real and it is important): I need you to tell me what song (any song!) you want sung by Cher-voice. I will do my best to adapt the song to be as Cher-like as possible and I will post the video. This is my promise to you. My goal is one a week. Believe it.

V. I actually do want to/will see the Justin Bieber movie that comes out in February.

F. In 5th grade I couldn't spell February right. I would forget the first 'r'. So embarrassing.

7. I want to work on a cruise ship.


Monday, November 22, 2010

Who's In?


I'm thinking the July 3, 2011 date in Las Vegas.

the day my life changed

Every year, BYU's annual OcTUBAfest takes place around Halloween.

This is a four day event with a tuba concert each night.

Yeah, I know what you're thinking. What could be better than four nights of tuba music?!

I go pretty much every year, thanks to a good friend who introduced me to the wonders
of the tuba.

Every year is good, but this year was extra good because of the world famous Oystein Baadsvik!

What? You don't know who Oystein Baadsvik is? Shame on you.

He's only the best tuba player IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD! The only guy to actually make it a career being a tuba soloist. (ps yes this is what my life has become).

Anyways, he came a few years ago and I got to hear him play and he is absolutely amazing.

Proof: (from 4:00 to about 4:30 it gets pretty good)

This year was monumental in my tuba life obsession.

Oystein, the man himself, SERENADED ME! I was sitting in the front row and for his encore performance he knelt down right in front of me and played straight into my soul. As embarrassing as it sounds, I was giddy. Then, he blew me not one but TWO kisses during his bows.

Dreams do come true!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

lets start the updates, eh?

I have been doing some pretty awesome things since I've been back from Korea...and I can hardly believe its already been three months since I was in that glorious land of the morning calm. I seriously miss it every single day.

But I also love America. A lot.
(and if you see a certain friend of mine (janna), ask her
for a rendition of the song 'I'm Proud to be an American'. it changed my life).

These are a few of my favorite things:

Bear Lake

Good looking friends


(concerts attended since being back: B.O.B/Jason DeRulo, Styx!, Neon Trees, and couple local bands. bam!)


Like McDonalds says, I'm loving it.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

End of an Era

"thot 4 da day: A GIFT NEGLECTED IS A GIFT LOST. jah blez"

Well, I guess its been a long time coming.

Using my serious stalking skills and personal behavior with strangers (in a non-creepy way, of course), I was able to track down Mr. Howeezi himself. It took time, talent, a drive to SLC, and a few text messages, but it was worth it.

Ok ok, so it probably wasn't.

I was really excited to get our thoughts of the day rolling again. They were just so inspiring! And life changing, if I do say so myself.

And they did inspire for awhile, but they quickly ended.

After about two weeks of sporadic texts and one fallen get-together, I got the note that changed everything.

Howeezi was here and wanted to get together.

Unsure whether or not I should go, some friends pushed me to his location and it was a glorious reunion. Well, it was glorious because I beat his cousins at tetris.

The interaction with Howie was less than impressive. It included a run to McDonalds wherein he bought $22 worth of burgers and french fries. We actually talked about french fries the entire drive home. He tried feeding me some, but I said no thanks.

And thats when I knew. It couldn't survive any longer. This was one of those relationships that just needed to die.

And so it is. I haven't heard from him since the french fries conversation.

It was a good run, lasting quite a few years. But I guess he was right.
A gift neglected is a gift lost.

ps: i currently have a spot open for a polynesian friend, if you know any

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

breaking the silence

The truth.

Here I am. A 24 year old girl in a world rapidly going and going and going, with so many problems and despair but also (i believe) more goodness and beauty and light. And I have this blog.

This blog that seemingly doesn't seem like much to any passerby. Another random assortment of ramblings shared to whomever will take the time to glance it over or maybe even read it.

It's a place where I document my quirks, my thoughts, my daily activities.

But lately I've felt as though this little blog should either go big or go home.

I fear for the truth that are my real feelings and desires. That they will be exposed. I fear sharing too much information about things that probably shouldn't be shared. This fear, I admit, partially stems from an English writing assignment gone wrong, but it also comes from the fact that we all fit certain stereotypes, and when someone doesn't always fit into one particular category, we don't understand, and we then continue to only see an individual in this way. We make people fit. We rarely see the beauty of a homeless woman or the sincerity of a politician because these characteristics don't fit into the mold we've already built them to be. People are complex. Everyone has a little bit of something in them that they want to share; that they want people to notice.

So that leads me to this blog.

My little, toddler-aged blog.

I want this blog to be a better representation of all of me, not just part of me. I want it to show all my words, not just the funny ones. I want it to be good and honest and true. I want to get below the surface of my obsession with the Backstreet Boys (but really, NKOTB and BSB together?!?! on tour?!?! my heart hasn't stopped beating since i found out) and I want to delve into the thoughts that seemingly flow through my mind but that never find their way to the internet world.

Because I mean, the internet for sure needs me to contribute to its genius. Right?

So while it will probably still continue in mostly the same fashion, I will sprinkle my heart through more of it, and hopefully the internets will find a place for it in its world wide arms.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Things that are making my life complicated

-Backstreet Boys cruise being sold out and the only tickets I've been able to find are outrageously expensive

-CHER skipping the months of November and December with her Vegas show, therefore thwarting all plans I had of going to Vegas on my 25th birthday to sing "Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves" with her on stage. You know it would've happened.

(what should i do for my birthday now?!)

-the movie Social Network. Knowing I've been a part of FB since the first year it existed, but then also realizing I've been a part of it since it started. Awesome or lame? What did we do before FB? I don't even remember. Maybe read books?

-Stupid earphones I bought from Best Buy that don't work very well

-Staying up late every single night for no good reasons

-BYU football being horrible

Good thing I have frozen yogurt, great friends, sweet family, and slurpees from 7-11 to make all of these things just slip awayyy

Monday, October 4, 2010

Ford Flashback


I had a most excellent weekend. I ended up going home to Colorado to visit the family and it was pretty much perfect.

As I was going through the stuff I have left in my old room, I came across a gem.

You know when you were younger and in English class you had a journal you had to write in every day on a specific topic the teacher assigned?

Yeah, I found one of mine. So in order to immortalize my words of the past, and to see how much I have (or haven't changed), I'm planning on making known some of the more entertaining journal entries.

And so it begins...

August 19, 1999

"Annoying Things"

I think people who smoke are really annoying because they stink and are killing themselves. I also think dog barking is annoying. Especially at night. My brother plays really loud guitar music, too, and that really bugs me. I think people who brag are annoying. They just keep on talking and talking about themselves. The last really annoying thing I hate is people who blast their radio in their cars. I mean, how rude is that? These are most of the things that bug me, but sometimes the list can go on forever.


I bet I was annoying, too.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Some things I just don't understand about myself

How I find Donald Trump attractive:

Watching shows like Jersey Shore (fist pump):



(ps every time i google mullets i just get happy)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sandwich on Pavement

(A poem to describe my lunch hour)

It was a good day to be had, for lunch was longer than normal.
I went to eat a salad and sandwich at Zupas; not too formal.
Darren and Janna and Nikki were there,
I'm no longer popular in Provo, I fear.
Everyone said hello, but not to me,
Nikki wins at life it seems.
Thai peanut salad entered my tummy,
And while I ate I laughed because we're so damn funny.
Backstreet Boys played overhead,
I danced and sang and dreamed of Nick Carter in my bed.
TMI for my family, this poem has crossed that line,
But its ok because thats how I rhyme.
Then lunch had to be over and we said our goodbyes,
And my sandwich fell on the pavement, oh me oh my(s).


(don't worry. i picked it back up and put it in my purse. saved that for later!)

ps we are the dream team