Thursday, January 7, 2010

Boys Boys Boys

This week has been different than most. I've actually had to work while at work.


(Kind of)

It's just been crazy. Along with eating dog and going to the Noraebang, I've been teaching two sessions of English camp everyday. Now if that isn't a fantastic way to start winter vacation, I don't know what is!

I'll admit that initially I wasn't too excited about this. I was unhappy with the timing and I really just wanted to go to Thailand. But I'm actually glad I was here this week and I'm excited to go into school tomorrow. Weird, eh?

We've been playing lots of games and I've been able to see the students personalities better, which has been so much fun. We've got the kids with attitudes, the suck ups, the silent leaders, the gentlemen. Its fantastic. I wish every week could be like this, even if it is taking ten times more energy. I love it.

Along with my morning session of camp, we've had to plan and make lunches every day. Now this I was really dreading (who dreams of cooking with 15 14-year old boys?), but again, it happened to be fantastic. I taught them to throw their spaghetti noodles against the wall to see if they're done (don't tell anyone) and they showed me how its possible to ruin pasta sauce (from a can).

I love these boys.

Even the punks who fight each other nonstop.

I love Korea.


stewedslacker said...

In all honesty, you and your business with all these young boys is a bit suspect. Dirty old punster. :P

San Ba Po said...

oh cindy~!! you are making a difference in these boys lives. They'll always remember you, and the things you taught them. ( throwing spaghetti on the wall)