Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I came to Korea and saw The Wedding Singer

There is a musical version of the hit movie The Wedding Singer making its way around the world.

Lucky for me, Korea picked up on this and made dreams come true.

When I was...14? years old(ish) I went through a period where I would watch this movie every week. I don't know why. I mean, its funny and I like it, but its not THAT funny. Needless to say I have most of it committed to memory.

(I have all of Saturdays Warrior committed to memory)

Anyways, I convinced (it wasn't very hard) my friend Corinna to go as well, and after a lovely dinner of oysters and pork wraps (yeah, love those combos) (actually it wasn't very satisfying and I longed for more), we hit up the art center for a life-changing performance.

The guy who played Adam Sandlers character is pretty famous I guess. He's in that movie Nine (that nobody really cares about) but when he came on stage as Robbie Hart the crowd went wild. I even busted out my 'siren' yell. You know what I'm talking about.

The show was fantastic. I think. I don't really speak Korean.

But what it lacked in English, it made up for in costumes, extreme interpretations of the film version, and Korean love.

The scene where Robbie, Julia, Glenn, and Holly all go on a double date to the club was the best thing of my life. They turned it into a giant dance scene with costumes very similar to that of strippers (including a man in a very tiny pair of shorts and a leash-bow chicka bow wow) and it ended with a gush of water pouring down on Holly. And...then it was intermission. What a rush.

And for your viewing pleasure, some clips from the show. Don't tell anyone. Also, they're poorly shot so I understand if you say no to pushing play.
(poorly shot=most of the time its pure black and is only useful for audio. but if you want to hear the Korean version of "Grow Old With You", its the last minute or so)

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San Ba Po said...

the movie didn't work for me...