Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Saturday Night

What happens in a Jordanian restaurant, stays in a Jordanian restaurant

(matchy matchy!)

(the most awkward richard nixon ever)

I wish I had more pictures from later in the night, including my new love crush: Jackie Chan. I don't remember his real name, but he was a Korean my friends had invited along for the night. And when I say invited along, I mean he was their waiter at dinner and that created a bond that would last all night.

The real bond formed when, at the Noraebang (aka karaoke), Jackie Chan and I danced and sang to Usher's "Yeah Yeah" together.

I miss him.

The night also included a belly dancer performing at dinner for my friends birthday, out of control dancing, and a crazy (in a good way) cab driver.

Just another good night in Seoul.


Erin said...

Why oh why didn't someone take a video of the karaoke for you to show your American friends?

blakecgriffin said...

You can't just call all the Asian men you meet 'Jackie Chan.' I think that's racist.