Friday, January 29, 2010

Turning Japanese

I jet off to the land of sushi and anime (I think I want to go to one of those restaurants where the waitresses are dressed like Pokemon or whatev) so I figured I'd blog real quick because we all know I probably won't while I'm gone. You're a priority, blog, but not that high on the list.

Ok just kidding my blog is like #1 in my life. Maybe #2, after MTV Reality TV. Judge me.

Anyways, students become the devil after having them every day (Saturday's included) for three weeks straight, so needless to say I'm stoked to be done with my super lame conversation class. Don't tell anyone, but maybe for the last class all we did was play Uno (not really English, oops) and watch The Simpsons. It was a party? Thats my story.

It's sad that this is what Ricky Martin has become: a popcorn machine at Home Plus (like Walmart-but bigger) in Korea. Awesome.

I'm basically a really trendy Korean. Minus the Korean part.

See you in a week, blog.
(and MTV)


stewedslacker said...

Ricky Martin, Oh how I pity thee. MTV reality? That is an oxymoron. Teach your little Korean kids that

blakecgriffin said...

Good lord. When are you going to come back and post pictures of you singing karaoke in Japan in a pink wig?

Reyes Family said...

I really miss sushi!!! I love that stuff and now i cant have it for another 5 months! Miss you and love you! Im excited for you to come back and meet my new family baby and all!