Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Right now my fb status says "dreams DO come true. thanks, bsb".
And it's true. It did start with a dream.
Well, it probably started more with a song, and then a dream formed.

I guess I don't really come across as someone who would like Backstreet Boys. I mean, I had a few surprised responses from friends when I mentioned I was going to the concert. But I can't deny it. They're good. They're very good.

When I was younger I was in love with them (ok, i still am). I had posters covering my walls and I would sing along to their CD's in my room. I had a little tv/vcr combo in my room, but I didn't have a cable line in there (for awhile at least-it would come and i would love it). Anyways, point of the matter is, I would watch MTV religiously (most importantly, TRL) and I would record music videos, interviews, or whatever else I desired, so that I could have it all on tape, so that I could watch them over and over again in my room. I was serious business. (Thanks for the memories, Carson Daly)

When Burger King released their BSB "For the Fans" CD's, I was there. Eating whoppers with Walkman in hand.

After they released their book (Backstreet Boys: The Official Book), my friend Kim and I saved up our money and walked to the closest Barnes and Noble, giddy to relish the photos and stories of our favorite singers. I will never get rid of that book. It was expensive, and the only money I had was from babysitting. Worth every penny.

BSB went on tour a few times, but I was never able to go.

Until now.

It was perfect. It was better than I had expected. Tears fill my eyes as I relive last nights experience. (ok not really but I'm sounding really lame already, so i thought i'd play a little more into it)

The venue was pretty small and I was literally-LITERALLY-twenty feet away from three of my biggest loves. And Howie. (hahaha JK to all you Howie fans)

I got to the place early because I wanted to sneak in. There were a couple doors unlocked around back, and security wasn't that tight, but there were Korean men wearing pink ties at every door that led to the band. Lame Korean pink ties.

There was this photographer who took a pic of our group, and in turn I took a pic with him.

Then inside there was this Korean guy who came to the concert all alone. He was 30. He was standing right next to us, so we got to be friends with him. I don't know much about him, but I do know that if he went to a BSB concert alone, I'd like him.

Then the boys came on stage. They sang. Brian and I locked eyes for an extended amount of time (during the song "Anywhere for You"-a classic) and it was at that moment I knew. I would never grow out of my love for them.

They played a good mix of old songs and new songs. They made me laugh. A.J. is going bald. Nick is still hot but he's losing his appeal (he liked the pelvic thrusts). Howie looks a lot better these days. And Brian is my more mature crush. (we missed you Kevin). It was like hanging out with old friends, and a bunch of Koreans.

So while I might not be 14 anymore, I will age gracefully with the boys who got me through adolescence.

(Ps don't judge me from this post. seriously.)


Janna said...

Thank you for the "I am obsessed with you t-shirt".

Justin and Coralie said...

I love it. Brian will always be my love too. :) haha.

Erin said...

Oh, I loved this. I was almost dying. Because do you know that the summer after our Freshman year at BYU, we took a trip with 10 girls to Las Vegas to see the BSB? And that we had signs that said things like "I am carrying your love child"? And shirts that said "Backstreet Boys, Alright!" Shelly's mom made them, and we wanted them to say "Backstreet's Back, Alright!" but she messed up and made them even better. And do you also know that our seats were literally the furthest away we could have possibly been? We were centered, and facing the stage, and in the VERY back row. Like, we leaned up against the wall when we weren't dancing like crazy. Oh, Cindy, I am so happy that you saw the BSB, and that you reminded me of my own concert magic with them. Dreams really do come true, don't they?

Jill said...

So if Brian was my original BSB crush, does that mean I was just a little more mature for my age?
You have lived one of my dreams. And I will have to live it through you for now.

Miss MyKelle J said...


hey remember that one time your phone rang at my house and the ringer was BSB... then we all laughed. that was funny.

i miss you.