Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Its been raining here. Almost every time I leave the house, I must bring an umbrella.

This is not awesome. I hate umbrellas.

Because of this, I walk outside only when necessary.

So along with not having to teach this week (which I was told I would teach), I've had a lot of free time. Indoors. Away from the rain and umbrellas.

It's been good though, because I've been able to catch up on some of my fave tv shows. Thanks internets!

Let me first declare how excited I am for the next season of Celebrity Apprentice starting up in March. I seriously can't wait. The last two seasons have been high qual and I'm expecting even more with this one. I'm most excited about seeing the following celebrities: Bret Michaels (in his bio on one of his highlights is "Poison's music has been featured in such big screen flicks as "Mr. and Mrs. Smith," "Grandma's Boy" and "Deuce Bigelow-European Gigolo." hahaha lame), Cyndi Lauper (girls just want to have fun), Michael Johnson (although I predict he'll be out quick...), Sharon Osbourne, Curtis Stone (yes, I'd take this chef home), and, of course, Sinbad!

Until then, however, I've been watching my current favorites: Project Runway and The Colbert Report. Ok, and Jersey Shore.

Jersey Shore is one of the funniest shows ever to exist. It has inspired me to get hair extensions, go tanning, and sell t-shirts on the boardwalk. Oh, and now I call myself Pookie, as given to me by a Jersey Shore name generator. Thank you, MTV, for another inspiration.

This season of Project Runway is pretty good. Let's just say I'm really glad they got rid of Ping this past week. She was crazzzzyyyy. My favorite contestant is Anthony. Mostly he says the most random and hysterical things. I wish I was talented and could design clothing.

And lastly, I just want to be Stephen Colbert. He is hilarious. And he saves the Olympics.

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