Monday, February 8, 2010

First things first

I'm pretty sure I fell in love with one, maybe two people in Japan.

And let me clarify. I'm talking about LOVE. Not lust. Although I did find myself attracted to Japanese men more than Korean. But since being back from Japan, I find Koreans a little more attractive than before. It's a testy thing, this yellow fever. But I'll embrace it while I'm here. Literally.

Kei worked at the hostel I stayed at in Kyoto. So if he ever googles his name and the word Kyoto hopefully this post will show up and he can see how creepy I am. But I won't put his last name, just to make that less likely to happen.

Kei was there when we checked in our first night. We were pretty tired from our day of traveling but we were also hungry, so being able to ask him where the best places to eat was the perfect ice breaker. (sometimes i struggle for icebreakers when i'm talking to foreigners. i can't use my go to 'thats what she said' comments and it makes things difficult).

Kei told us about a sushi place. So we went. We were in Japan after all. Plus, it was one of those places where the sushi just keeps going past you on conveyor belts. This place was three stories tall, full of sushi. Heaven.

So we ate our sushi (105 yen/plate. I'll take it!) and got back to the hostel. I didn't want to go to bed just yet, so I went out and talked to Kei. He taught me some Japanese, I tried teaching him how to say "walk" and "work" (its really hard for Asians) and we laughed well into the night.

The next morning he was there. He had to work or else he would've come with us for our day trip. At least I tell myself this. That day we went to Hiroshima and Miyajima, both awesome and maybe my favorite places in Japan. But it was long and hard without my new BFF/potential lover Kei. I even brought him back a little something something. I know how to work it.

We get back to the hostel later that night and Kei and I end up talking well past his 1:00am shift. Oops. So we went upstairs to the common room area.
And we made out.

Hahahahah ok not really. But that would've made a better story. We just chatted. It was his last night working at the hostel because he needed a job to pay him more money. He plans on opening up his own hostel in the next five years. I plan on returning to Japan in approx. five years to join his hostel. As a permanent resident.

The next morning tears were shed as we parted ways.
But our hearts will always be as one.


dianita said...

I LOVE YOU and KEI IS HOTT, dayum girl. Also the part where you said that you made out, I TOTALLY BELIEVED and maybe lept out of my seat to giggle.

Jordan said...

you better hope he does not google 'kei kyoto cindy' because this will be the first thing he finds...

Jill said...

Oh Cindy, why did I not teach you the most important Japanese phrase I know before you went? It could have been a perfect ice breaker with Kei.
It goes a little something like this:
Ki-su, ta-da-des-yo. Oy day! (I have absolutely no idea which syllables go together into words.)

San Ba Po said...

You should have made out with him!!!! Just do it next time!!