Monday, February 15, 2010

Growing Up

Growing up is so tough.

Against my intense disinterest in ever owning an umbrella, I finally broke down and bought one on the way to school last week. It was raining and I didn't have a hat that day and it was necessary. I still hate umbrellas, but I have been trying to focus on its positives. Like it makes a really good pointer.

Also, I have showered 13 of the last 14 days. Believe it.

You probably won't even know me when I get back to America. But hopefully you'll still love me.

(it rained like crazy when we were in Kyoto. I maintained my umbrella hatred until the tour guide felt really sorry for me and forced one upon me. this picture is at the Kyoto Imperial Palace gardens, in case you wondered)


San Ba Po said...

Of course we'll always love you~!!

Katie said...

omigosh!! Thanks for sharing about your trip to Japan. I was wondering how it was. I was there last April in the same spot at the Imperial Palace, awww. Its so cool huh? So did you like that Japan had 7-11s? I was pretty excited about all the stuff I found there - in the 7-11... <3

D said...

We'll see.

stewedslacker said...

Umbrellas, Curse them. I bought one for my recent trip to Puno because it was supposedly raining a lot, and used it all of five minutes.