Sunday, February 7, 2010

It all started

It all started when I got to my seat on the plane.

Only seconds after I put my stuff down, a nice Japanese flight attendant approached me and told me I had been upgraded.

Hello leg room. Hello table cloth. Hello free champagne (joke!). Hello perfect flight.

If this was a sign for my adventures in Japan, I knew I was in for a classy and smooth vacation.

Stories, inspirations, and more to come tomorrow.

As for now, I still have to plan my lesson for tomorrow! Yucky.

(ps I really really want you to be impressed that I took this picture using my self-timer)


blakecgriffin said...

I am very impressed. Very impressed.

D said...

Me too. You are an inspiration.

Jill said...

Not impressed.

jk! Super impressed!

San Ba Po said...

That's amazing Cindy! Impressed!!

Erik said...

You can use a camera like none other