Sunday, February 21, 2010

Right Now...

...I'm digging on:

Korean Mens Volleyball games, with friends

Good times in P-taek with other friends (but I don't dig saying goodbye to any friends when they decide to go back to America six months in...)

Also, fuzzy blue sweaters found on the street for only 2,000W (a steal!). AKA my cookie monster sweater

Being able to buy whole chickens and knock-off wallets within inches of each other

Teenage Korean graffiti

Also, (picture-less) honorary mentions: The Olympics, Spring vacation (no school=awesome), naps, meeting Taekwondo masters on the bus, basic conversations in Korean (very basic), Tobias Funke, and living the dream.

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stewedslacker said...

Open air markets are a true pleasure and a treasure. I also find the graffiti amusing, especially the occasional misspelled explicative.