Thursday, February 18, 2010

Today I laughed a lot

You know, after being here for five months (crazy!), I've gotten used to living in Korea. I don't get lost on the subway, I like Korean food, and it has become my home. But every once in awhile, I look around me and I get wake up calls that I actually live in Korea. Along with these wake up calls, I get giant surges of love for my life here. I just love it so much.

Today was like one giant surge of love for Korea, in case you couldn't tell. And this time I'd like to give props to my cab drivers (like I said before, there are good ones and bad ones).
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I had to take the cab just a short distance to meet up with some friends. I flagged a driver down and got in the back seat. A good portion of the time, a single rider will just get in the front seat, but I prefer the back. So I sit down and tell the driver where I want to go. He repeats it back to me like 80 times, laughing at what was being said. I had no idea why, but he was just real giggly.

Because he started laughing, I started laughing. And this just caused a giant laugh from the both of us. Then he turned around and said "You are very beautiful", so I said thank you and then he started laughing again. Then he said "America?" and laughed again. He repeated those two sentiments over and over again, laughing every time. I was dying at this point, because I had no idea what was going on. He asked if I smoked, I said no, but then he asked if he could smoke, and I told him I didn't care. He got REALLY excited about this and started laughing more. Then he put his hand out behind the passenger seat (so directly in front of me) and I got the feeling he wanted to shake my hand. So I put my hand out too, and we're in a shaking hands position.

But then he just holds onto it.

He holds onto it for a good solid minute before letting it go.

Sad to say, but its the most action I've had in awhile.

But I laughed the entire cab ride. Worth it.

Then, while out with some friends, this crazy flower seller lady approached our table. She finds us every time we go out, and she tries real hard to get the boys to buy flowers for all us girls. She's pretty old and pretty crazy, but tonight she was just off the rocker. After asking us to buy flowers, and us telling her no, she reached down to our table and started eating these banana chips out of a bowl. Then she just started laughing. I was sitting right next to where she was standing and so I started laughing too. She looked at me, after grabbing her banana chips, and with her giant metal filled mouth (she had a legit grill) let out this shrill laugh and patted me on the arm. She did this at least four times. And once all the banana chips were gone she left. We died.

And to add to this, our cab driver home just now asked me if I had a boyfriend.

If I were in the market for a Korean cab driver lover, I'd be in the promised land.


Jill said...

Why are you NOT in that market?

stewedslacker said...

I'd get in that market if I were you.